1. Apollo said: Hear the decrees of Jehovih, O you**** Gods and Lords: I, His Son, God of three worlds, speak! In my speech lie the wisdom of Time; the evidence of fifty thousand years. Here is a great matter, O you**** Gods; answer it, O you**** Lords of heaven and earth: A child learn''' from that which is around about; a man learn''' from that which is around about; a God and a Lord learn from that which is around about. Neither can they acquire anything more, forever. Jehovih saith:

2. I have decreed the breaking up of old foundations; in new creations I provide food for the souls of Gods and men.

3. Apollo said: To condense and to expand; to expand and to condense, is this all? Who should fashion a corporeal world by compressing ether? or, by standing still, expand his own soul? How long will they be entailed with idle desires, and self-ease, and self-glory?

4. Jehovih saith: When the lower heaven turn''' into itself, it soon turn''' downward, also. And its cast mold the earth-born. Look to it, O My sons and daughters, that ye preserve the high estate of heaven. Apollo said:

5. To be a God is not all; to be a Lord is not all; you**** should forever invent new stratagems in Jehovih's kingdoms. Your people should be forever infatuated with continual surprises, or your kingdoms in heaven will go down.

6. Jehovih saith: Behold, I created man, and if he rest constantly, disease should seize on his life parts. The kingdoms of men on earth that lack aspiration for the people should bring destruction; to the kingdoms in the lower heaven, the lack of invented, new glories, should breed up false Gods and false Lords.

7. Apollo said: To be a weak man, is nothing; to be a weak king, is nothing; to be a weak God, is nothing; but to be strong with Jehovih, furnish''' food for the kingdoms of men and angels. Think not, you**** Gods and Lords, that to be a good God is easy, or to be a good Lord is easy, or to be a good corporeal king is easy. He who rule in heavenly kingdoms, must forever furnish food for the souls of angels and men.

8. I, Apollo, Son of Jehovih, will give you a parable suitable for Gods and kings: A multitude go into a forest; one mango a little before the rest, and he call''': Here! Here! Then hego a little further, and he call''': Here! Here! And the multitude follow. Whereon, you**** reason well, saying: If the leader go too fast for the multitude, they will not follow; and if he go not fast enough, they cannot follow. Wherein, of the last condition, anarchy ensue, and new leaders are chosen.

9. And these conditions follow all peoples on earth, and in the lower heavens. But the glory of the emancipated heavens, in etherea, lie in the development of every soul into ripeness and bloom, with none too fast nor too slow, but all as one, and one with Jehovih.

10. Is not this the testimony of the All Person: A ruler of a city; a ruler of a state; a ruler of a kingdom? Without a head to lead, and to govern, what people have been found? Without a God and Lords, and kingdoms in heaven, what angels are found? Strollers, beggars, drujas and vampires. He who set himself up against the king, what is he? He who set himself up against the All Person, what is he? Where is the fruit he hath brought to market?

11. His speech is cunning in denial; his arguments for liberty, the bait of hada. He cry out, in justification of his mutiny: Liberty! Liberty! But he lead to inharmony and darkness. After that, he rush''' to the front, crying out: Follow me! follow me! I will lead to truth and light. And he himself become a God, but in falsehood, even as by falsehood he denied the true God.

12. A great fact declare I unto you, O Gods and Lords: A line lie between the man who hath too much opinion of his own, and he who hath no opinion at all. One is to be pitied, the other censured. Which, judge you****, do the Gods pity of these two, and which censure?

13. None could answer Apollo. So he spake further, saying: Pity him who hath too much opinion of his own; for of all men he standest the farthest from Jehovih. But the wise man and wise angel follow the median line between the two. Herein lie the harmony of a man's soul.


1. Apollo, Son of Jehovih, said: In Jehovih's name speak I, Apollo, God of etherea. Hear me, O you**** Gods and Lords; the power of the Father rest''' in my soul; my words are of All Wisdom. Think of this great matter: The growth of love! As a man love his city and his country, what think you**** Apollo hath forgotten? Have I not told it in etherea? I sprang from the red star, the earth!

2. Wherefore should I not take pride before Jehovih? And hold up my head in etherea, where I have neighbors that sprang from other stars. Should a man forget his love because he is a God? Nay, verily. When I was mortal, I loved my neighbors; when I entered the second resurrection, in atmospherea, I loved all the people of the earth; and when I rose to etherea, my love expanded to a thousand worlds. But, of all places, how can I make the earth and her heaven second in the love of my soul?

3. As a mother invent''' diversions and employment for her children, should I not gather fruit from Jehovih's repositories to feed the atmospherean heavens? I came, and found ye in a dark forest, with briars and thorns; but, behold, now, O ye Gods and Lords! The lower heaven hath become a paradise.

4. Let me recall the philosophies I have overthrown: The false Gods and false Lords said: It is well that there be war and destruction in heaven; otherwise, it would soon be too full! For they saw not the higher heavens; their arguments were framed in a dark corner. And, because of their evil inspiration, they gave mortals the same philosophy, saying: War is justifiable, lest the earth become too full. For these dark angels shut out from mortals the higher light of Faith in Jehovih. Justifying themselves in war, and the slaying of whom Jehovih had created alive; by their behavior, thrusting condemnation in Jehovih's face for what Jehovih had done!

5. Neither knew these mortal philosophers that they were under the inspiration of spirits of darkness; nor would they wait till the earth was full of people, to prove whether their philosophy was true or false.

6. For, as you**** of heaven were given to deeds of darkness, your kingdoms reacted on earth, making druks out of men and women. From which have all these heavens turned from evil ways, and become as stars of glory in Jehovih's universe.

7. Think not that only great thunders and terrible stratagems can govern heaven and earth righteously; for, as one man, in an army, may cause a panic; or one brave man's upraised hand lead a nation on to victory, so can you****, O Gods and Lords, by wisdom, in the smallest of Jehovih's plans, rule over heaven and earth, for the glory of His everlasting kingdoms.

8. That which I declare unto you, go you**** and declare throughout heaven; for the fruit of your teaching should enrich the earth people, through their guardian spirits; and they should, likewise, go about preaching amongst themselves.


1. When Apollo, Jehovih's Son, had finished his labor, the dawn of dan, God foresaw that his own resurrection, and his people with him, had come. So he sent his proper officers to the libraries of atmospherea, to learn who of all the etherean hosts should be selected to remain as God, and who as Lords, for the next four hundred years.

2. In twenty days the examiners returned and came before the throne of God, and the Council of Gau. Za'dukawaski, chief speaker, said: By the grace of Jehovih, Creator, we stand before you*, God of heaven and earth. We find, by the ancient precepts, adjudged wise in the foundation of atmospherea, one Gur, highest and most proficient of all the hosts of heaven, to be anointed God for the next four hundred years.

3. God said: I remember Gur, from Magel, in Sooftus, in etherea, God of Ra'yatuf and a'ji, seventy-two. Let the marshals go to him and acquaint him with Jehovih's decrees, in the name of God. And they should provide suitable conveyance for Gur to come to Gau, according to his rate.

4. So the marshals, ten thousand in number, besides ten thousand musicians, went and brought Gur before the throne of God, coming in an otevan, prepared for the purpose, and adorned with one thousand pillars of light.

5. God said: I salute you*, O Gur, in the name of Jehovih, Creator. Behold Apollo!

6. Apollo stretched forth his hand, and Gur came and shook hands with him, standing by the throne. Gur said: That I have lived to see this day, O Jehovih, I am blessed indeed! Thy will, O God, and Jehovih's, be done!

7. God said: Behold, the dawn of dan is within thirty days to end, and all who choose, and are prepared for the third resurrection, should be taken up to etherea. Besides thyself, O Gur, there are two hundred thousand ethereans who have volunteered to remain another four hundred years in these atmospherean heavens, and on the earth. From them thou should select one thousand Lords, and bestow them with kingdoms, over mortals. Two thousand millions of angels will raise up with me to etherea.

8. To you*, O Gur, I bequeath two thousand millions of atmosphereans who have been initiated in the second resurrection. And of the first resurrection, two hundred and fifty millions; and of fetals, three hundred millions; and besides these, the inhabitants of the earth (men, women and children) seven hundred millions.

9. God ceased speaking, and Gur said: Thy will be done, O Jehovih! Thereupon the es'enaurs sang, and the trumpeters played the MARCH OF APOLLO, JEHOVIH’S SON. Presently, the marshals and messengers filed before the throne; and a light of golden fire came down from etherea, cast out by the Gods of Helmatia, Orian arc of Tanaya, and it fell about the throne of God, so that many could not look thereon, because of the brilliancy.

10. God raised up, and Apollo by his side. God said: I stretch forth my hand unto You*, O Jehovih! Behold Thy Son, Gur, God of Ra'yatuf, in etherea, an earth-born, forty thousand years inhabitant of Thy emancipated realms. By Thy power, and in Thy name, O Jehovih, I proclaim him God of heaven and earth, to bestow You* and Thy kingdoms on angels and men! Be with him, O Father, Creator, that he may add unto Thy glory, forever! Amen!

11. God took off the triangle, and hung it on Gur's (God's) neck, saying: I now bestow thee with the heirloom of the Gods of the red star, the triangle of the ancients. And that you mayest be still further honored, behold, one higher than I, even Apollo, should weave a crown for your*** head.

12. Apollo walked to the left hand, and raised his hand upward, and there came from unseen space a flame of yellow light, and lodged on his hand, and he turned it but half around, and lo, a crown with sparkling gems stood upon his fingers' ends. Apollo said:

13. Incomprehensible All Light! Weave me a crown for Thy Son, God of heaven and earth! And even whilst he spake, it was done, and he placed it on God's (Gur's) head. And God went and sat in the midst of the throne, saying: Throne of Thy throne, O Jehovih! All things are Your**! For my resting-place, to do Thy will, this should be.

14. During the ceremonies, the music was timed accordingly; and when the new God was crowned, the multitude of a thousand millions applauded with great joy.

15. When all was quiet, God rose up from the throne, saying to Apollo and to him who had been God: In Jehovih's name, come and honor my throne! Accordingly, they both sat down on the right hand of God.

16. God said: In thirty days the dawn of dan will end. Let the marshals, through the messengers, proclaim the resurrection of two thousand millions to the etherean heavens on that day. Proclaim it in all the heavens of the earth; inviting all to come who can; for it should be a day of the feast of glory. But say not to any one that there hath been a change of Gods, nor that great Apollo will rise also, lest sorrow come upon the people. The marshals then selected messengers, a great number, and sent them throughout the heavens of the earth, proclaiming the commandments of God.

17. God spake further, saying: For thirty days should the Council deliberate on my ten thousand Lords, selecting and allotting them; and I will crown them in the name of the Father.

18. Apollo then said: Now will I clothe myself in strange colors, that none should know me, and during the thirty days I yet tarry, I will go around about the earth, that I may again look upon the star of my birth.

19. And he who had given up the throne said: Thy joy should be my joy also. I, too, will again visit the star of my birth.

20. Accordingly, God said: Joy be unto you**** twain, in Jehovih's name! Behold, I will throw a thick blanket over the throne, and you**** should change your attire, and when I withdraw it, ye should walk forth unknown.

21. And this was done.

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