1. For two whole days Cpenta-armij left the people in recreation, but on the third she ascended the throne, and lo and behold, even in that same moment of time, a light spread abroad over all the place, so that the people comprehended indeed what was meant by Jehovih's hand being upon them. And they all resumed their places, whereupon Jehovih spake through Cpenta-armij, saying:

2. Whom I brought with Me from Haotsaiti should be My Council during dawn; but the portals should remain open on every side.

3. Who are not of My Council are not bound unto these, My labors, and the same should go and come as they choose, remembering the call of their respective Gods.

4. For know you**** all, that whoever aspire to Me should come to Me; but the nearest way for many is round about. You**** being above grade fifty are already more to Me and for Me than against Me or from Me, and in equal degree are cast upon your own responsibility. For such is the light of My kingdoms, from the first to the highest: To the child, no responsibility; to grade twenty-five, one quarter; to fifty, one-half; to seventy-five, three-quarters; but to the emancipated in My etherean realms, responsibility not only to self but to all who are beneath.

5. Wherein My highest worlds are responsible for the lowest, being bound unto one another through Me for the resurrection of all.

6. In this day am I come to deliver My Gods down to the earth, to walk on the earth with mortals, raising them up in My name.

7. They who should be raised up in Me, even though still of the earth, should be holden alike responsible for all who are beneath them; for with My light and power before them, and doing in My name, they that are beneath them will hold them, not only on the earth, but in heaven, for their labors and words.

8. The Voice departed, and then Cpenta-armij spake in her own behalf, saying: Once around earth and heaven will I now travel, seeing with mine own eyes and hearing with mine own ears, even as is commanded of me by the Father; that I may know of mine own knowledge the condition of mortals and of the spirits who dwell both with them and in the lowest heavens. He who is still your God should abide with you, and on this throne, until I return.

9. Cpenta-armij then descended and sat at the foot of the throne, and Owks and Ha-o-ha and See-wah-Gon with her, whereupon God went down and took her hand, saying: Arise, O Goddess, and go your*** way. And then he raised up the other three in the same way, and they saluted and stood aside. Now, as soon as God raised them up, the All Light settled upon him, and he again ascended the throne, and sat in the midst. Then spake Cpenta-armij, saying to God:

10. Jehovih hath commanded the raising of a voice in four divisions of the earth; what is thy light, O God? God said:

11. In Jaffeth I have raised up a man named Po, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five. In Arabin'ya I have raised up a man named Abram, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five. In Vind'yu I have raised up a man named Brahma, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-nine. I Guatama I have raised up a man named Eawahtah, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five.

12. The loo'is who have accomplished this labor are still with their wards, but are apprised of your*** coming. Behold, I send with you* messengers who will answer thy commands.

13. Hereupon, Cpenta-armij, with her hosts, departed, and entered an otevan which God had had previously prepared for her; and she took with her one million attendants, going straight down to the earth. And first of all to visit mortals and mortal kingdoms, kings and queens, temples and oracles, and then to see Po and Abram and Brahma and Eawahtah, all of whom were sufficiently illumined to see her and to know she was the Person of the All Voice.

14. Next after these she visited all the heavenly kingdoms belonging to the earth, going first to the heavenly kingdom, belonging to Japan, thence to Ah'oan, of Jaffeth, thence to E'chad, and so on until she saw them all.

15. After that Cpenta-armij returned to Craoshivi, making a circuit sufficient to examine all the plateaux below the belt meteoris.

16. Now the whole time Cpenta-armij had been gone was thirty and two days. Whilst she had been absent, God extended the receiving grounds of Craoshivi twelve thousand miles in breadth toward the south, and founded sixty colonies. For even now were, and would be, for the four years to come, ships arriving daily with hundreds of thousands of angels who were being prepared for the degree of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, ready for the third resurrection.

17. Messengers had arrived in Craoshivi daily from Cpenta-armij, so that God knew when she would return. And accordingly he had prepared all things in readiness, and she was received in the name of the Father, in due ceremony.

18. And Cpenta-armij ascended the throne of God and sat in the midst, and a light like a sun settled around about her. Her companions, Gods and Goddesses, now sat not near her, though on the throne to the right and left. Whilst they were taking in their respective places, the es'enaurs were chanting anthems, and the awe and majesty of the scene were magnified to the utmost.


1. When the light fell upon Cpenta-armij, the Voice of Jehovih spake through her, saying:

2. In you* whom I made God over the earth and her heavens I am well pleased; by My hand hast you raised them up; through you* have I maintained the Diva even unto this day.

3. You should have honor in My exalted heavens because you art the first in Spe-ta;2 but you should crown your*** glory by descending to the earth and walking with mortals for the term of four years, even with My Son, Brahma. And when your*** time is completed, I will come and deliver you* and Brahma.

4. In My name should you raise your*** voice and establish Me amongst men; and I will be with you* in Wisdom and Power. Take your*** attendants and proceed to your*** labor; in whatsoever you desirest of Me, call, and I will answer, for I have messengers who should labor between us.

5. God then saluted, and withdrew. Next came Yima, and to him Jehovih spake, saying:

6. Being one with God, you should labor even as he labor'''; and you should descend to the earth, even to My corporeal Son, Po, who hath been prepared in My name, and with him should you walk the earth four years. And you should speak in My name, establishing Me amongst mortals, to the end that My chosen should be delivered into My kingdoms. For you should lead them away from the mortal kings, and teach them to know Me as their only King.

7. Take, then, your*** attendants and go to your*** labor, and at the end of four years I will appoint a successor to you*, and I will deliver you* into My etherean kingdoms.

8. Yima then saluted and stood aside. Next came Vishnu, renowned for his labor in Vind'yu and her heavens. To him Jehovih said:

9. Being one with God, you should with him fulfill the completion of Spe-ta in My name. To which end you should descend to the corporeal earth, even Arabin'ya, and dwell thereon for the period of four years, with My corporeal Son, Abram. With Abram should you walk and sojourn day and night, speaking and laboring in Me as fully as My very Self. And you should deliver My chosen away from the kings' peoples, teaching them to have no king but Me, their Creator. To Abram should you reveal My name, JEHOVIH, and establish it in secret, with due rites and ceremonies. And at the end of four years will I appoint a successor to you*; and you* will I deliver into My emancipated worlds. Take, then, thy attendants and depart to your*** labor, and I will be with you* in wisdom and power. Vishnu then saluted and stood aside.

10. Next came Os, sent by the etherean regions of Haot-saiti to deliver the kingdoms of Japan and Heleste and their heavens, but who was now relieved by the Divan successor. To Os Jehovih spake, saying:

11. In honor of your*** volunteering in the days of darkness for the relief of God and his kingdoms, I now create you* God of the first Spe-ta of the red star, and crown you* with Mine Own hand.

12. And, lo and behold, even with these spoken words, a light descended in the form of a crown and settled upon his head. Thereupon Jehovih said: In which I have made you* a lawful Div with corporeal power.

13. And you should descend to the corporeal earth, even to Guatama, and walk with My Son, Eawahtah, whom the loo'is have bred for My Voice, for the term of four years, sojourning with him day and night, gathering together the remnants of My lost tribes, and establishing them in faith of the Great Spirit, in My name, Egoquim, suitable to the utterance I have created them.

14. And at the end of four years I will appoint a successor to thee; and you* I will restore into My etherean worlds. Take, then, your*** attendants and depart to your*** labor, and I will be with you* in wisdom and power.

15. Then Os saluted and stood aside, and the Voice departed; then Cpenta-armij, on her own account, said: This hour, even now, I dissolve the Diva with honor and glory unto them. The kingdoms you**** ruled over should be my kingdoms during dawn; in the Father's name I assume them and their affairs. Peace and love and wisdom and power be with you all, amen.

16. The four inspiring Gods then departed, and in the outer circuit of Craoshivi they had in waiting, which their attendants had prepared beforehand, each one an otevan fully equipped and ready, into which they embarked, with their attendants, fifty thousand each. The musicians then saluted them, even as they moved off, severally, in direct lines for the earth.

17. Cpenta-armij then lowered the light a little, and her three visiting companions, Owks, Ha-o-ha and See-wah-Gon, sat near her on the throne, even before her etherean Council, five hundred millions.

18. Cpenta-armij said: I have visited the earth and her heavens, even her heavens on her very surface. By the power vested in me, I relieve from duty all Lords and Gods, and sub- Gods, and sub-Lords, on the earth and in the heavens of the earth. This my messengers will communicate to them, commanding them, in my love and wisdom, which are one with the Father, to come at once to Craoshivi, that I may honor them and apportion them for the third resurrection, which will occur in four years.

19. To the Lord-dom, Maitraias, founded by Vishnu, I appoint and allot Yugsaesu Lord, with thirty millions of my etherean hosts, to be chosen by himself. Let Yugsaesu come before me! Yugsaesu then came before Jehovih's throne, and Cpenta-armij said unto him: Repair you unto Maitraias, taking your*** hosts with you*. And when you are come to the place, possess it in Jehovih's name, and order it after the manner of a Lord-dom, providing sub-kingdoms unto your*** place as may be required.

20. And you should have dominion over all angels that are already with the plateau of Maitraias, or such as may be hereafter sent to you* from the other heavenly divisions and from the earth. And you should provide your*** kingdom unto the service of the Father, chiefly to prevent angels returning to the earth to obsess and pollute mortals. For you should find hundreds of millions of them who have no aspiration but destruction. Many of them were slain in wars on the earth, and are still seeking vengeance, and if escaping to the earth, obsess mortals to burn cities, and to murder, and to all manner of wickedness.

21. Thy labor, O Lord, is not to reform them or teach them, for I should appoint and allot others to that end; but you should labor wholly and entirely to prevent the return of Maitraisans to mortals. And that you should be strong before them, you should draw from all other heavenly kingdoms, which I should found, a sufficient guard to enforce my commandments.

22. For four years should you labor in this matter, and you should also raise up one with thy Lord-dom, to be your*** successor after you*. Take, then, your*** hosts and go to your*** labors, and the Father will be with you* in wisdom and power.

23. Yugsaesu then made his selections from Cpenta-armij's hosts, and they came and passed before Jehovih's throne, saluting, and then withdrew and went into a ship which had, likewise, been prepared for them by the proper persons, whose labor lies in that matter; and, having saluted with music, they departed, Yugaesu and his hosts, rejoicing.

24. Again Cpenta-armij spake, saying: Behold, the time is now come upon the earth when I will divide and allot unto each of its several great divisions heavenly kingdoms accordingly.

25. To Japan, because she is a remnant of the submerged continent, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it should be called SUASU.

26. To Jaffeth, because she has preserved much of the first language, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it should be called HI-JEE-TSE.

27. To Vind'yu, because she is the most advanced in holiness of all the earth, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it should be called VRI-MIJ.

28. To Arabin'ya, because she is the foundation of Jehovih's migratory hosts who should go forth around the earth, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it should be called PARADISE.

29. To Heleste, because she was rescued from darkness by Os in time to meet this arc, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it should be called SPE-TA.

30. To Uropa, because she was first founded by a woman, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it should be called HIMMEL.

31. To South Guatama, because she is the least inhabited of all the great divisions of the earth, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it should be called AHDEN.

32. To North Guatama, because she is the ground on which the circumscribing of the earth by the different nations should take place, where the revelations of heaven and earth should be made to man, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it should be called KOSMON.

33. To all the South Islands, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it should be called FLUE.

34. To all the North Islands, I establish a heavenly kingdom, and it should be called SIN-YOT.

35. Hereupon the light of Jehovih overspread Cpenta-armij, and His voice spake through her, saying: To My ten heavenly kingdoms which I have made through My Daughter, behold, I choose ten Lords, and My ten Lords should go to the kingdoms I apportion unto them. In My name should My Lords build unto Me ten heavenly places of delight, for the spirits of the dead that rise up from the earth.

36. And My Lords should establish in My kingdoms places of learning and places of labor; places for the sick and helpless angels that arise up from the earth, that My Lords should raise them up, to know Me and the glory of the worlds I have created for them; inspiring them to perfect themselves in wisdom and purity and power, that they may arise and inherit My etherean heavens.

37. And My Lords should appoint ashars unto mortals at the time of their corporeal birth; and the said ashars should be appointed in watch and watch, that they may relieve one another, having a time of labor and a time of rest. And My Lords should so appoint My ashars that each and every ashar should have a hundred changes of labor with a hundred different mortals, in order to learn all the varieties of men and women I have created. And the number of ashars should be equal to the number of mortals dwelling on the earth.

38. And My Lords should appoint asaphs to reside in heaven, sufficient in number to receive the spirits of all who die on the earth, which they should receive from the ashars in My name. And the asaphs should take such angels, thus received, and place them in the regions My Lords should have prepared for them, where there should be sufficient of teachers and nurses and physicians in My heavenly places to administer unto them.

39. And My Lords should provide discipline to the spirits thus received, who should be trained according to the Divan law which I established through My Gods, which should extend beyond the es'yan even to the thirtieth grade.

40. And My Lords should provide for them that have attained to the thirtieth grade to be sent in suitable ships to this place, Craoshivi, and deliver them to My daughter, Cpenta-armij, and to her successor, God or Goddess, who should have dominion over the whole earth and her heavens.

41. For behold, it is the nature of man on the earth to go after earthly things instead of heavenly; and it is the nature of the es'yan to strive for the earth instead of My higher heavens. Be you**** guarded, therefore, to lay a foundation to prevent angels and mortals from going downward; to provide inspiration to make them desire to ascend to My holy regions.

42. The Voice now departed, and Cpenta-armij spake on her own account in Jehovih's name, saying:

43. Whosoever I call, let them come before Jehovih's throne, for they should be the Lords whom I should anoint for the heavenly kingdoms I have established:

44. Le-tzoo, Lord of Suasu, a heavenly place over Japan.

45. Oe-wah, Lord of Hi-jee-tse, a heavenly place over Jaffeth.

46. Loo-gam, Lord of Vri-mij, a heavenly place over Vind'yu.

47. Ha-kappa, Lord of Paradise, a heavenly place over Arabin'ya.

48. Jes-Sie, Lordess of Spe-ta, a heavenly place over Heleste.

49. Yo-han, Lord of Himmel, a heavenly place over Uropa.

50. Hinot-tse, Lordess of Ahden, a heavenly place over South Guatama.

51. Ami, Lordess of Kosmon, a heavenly place over North Guatama.

52. Horam, Lord of Flue, a heavenly place over the Southern Islands.

53. Puetse, Lordess of Sin-Yot, a heavenly place over the Northern Islands.

54. All the angels named came before Cpenta-armij when called, and they now stood abreast Jehovih's throne, whereupon the All Light overspread the place, and the Father's Voice spake through Cpenta'armij, saying:

55. You**** are My Lords and Lordesses, by Me raised up and allotted your places. For four years should you**** labor, even to the end of this dawn; and you**** should provide successors to take your places after you. And herein lies your greatest glory and Mine. For they that succeed you should hold dominion two hundred years. And they in turn should provide successors after them, and so on, for these successions should continue till the arc of Bon.

56. With Mine own hand weave I crowns, and crown you severally for my kingdoms!

57. When these words were spoken, the now fast gathering light, of a variety of colors, took the shape of ten separate crowns, and descended on the heads of the Lords and Lordesses. The Voice ceased, but Cpenta-armij spake on her own account, in Jehovih's name, saying:

58. My Lords and Lordesses, go to your labors in the love, wisdom and power of the Father, and He will be with you; and you**** should be a glory in His kingdoms. Choose you****, therefore, each and every one ten millions of my hosts, who should go with you to your places, to be afterward exchanged or divided, as I may direct. That you**** may choose in order, he who was first appointed should choose first; the second next, and so on until ye have your chosen.

59. All these Lords and Lordesses were of the Higher Light, and knew beforehand, and had in like manner already chosen their attendants, so that at a given signal the multitudes thus chosen rose up and came before the throne, forming ten groups of ten millions each. And they at once formed in line and passed before Jehovih's throne, saluting in the sign, BIRTH OF SPE-TA ON THE EARTH, and Cpenta-Armij answered in the sign, JEHOVIH AND THE LOWER HEAVENS.

60. Cpenta-armij said: For the glory of this scene, I bequeath a day of rest, that my hosts may witness the departure of the fleets of Jehovih's Lords and Lordesses. At once the hosts joined in a mighty chorus of thanksgiving and praise; and they went without and saw the ships laden with the joyous crews; saw them set their great fleet in motion; sang and shouted to them in Jehovih's love, for the glory of His high heavens.

2 This evidently means he was the first God who maintained Jehovih's light all around the earth during a cycle.


1. In the beginning of the second year of Cpenta-armij in Craoshivi, messengers came before Jehovih's throne, saluting, and greeting from Ctusk, who now lived under the name, Ahura, and submitted the following communication, to wit:

2. Ctusk, who hath become Ahura, a servant of Jehovih, and is now God of Ailkin by just judgment of Jehovih, desire audience with the Most High-Raised Cpenta-armij, Daughter of the Great Spirit.

3. To this Cpenta-armij answered: Greeting, in love to my brother, Ahura. By the Grace and Power of Jehovih, come and see me, bringing your*** attendants. Now, after the lapse of a few days, Ahura came to Craoshivi, attended by one million, escorted by music, and proclaimed according to the discipline of the higher heavens, with heralds and trumpeters. And Cpenta-armij's hosts received Ahura and conducted him and his hosts within the capital chamber; and Ahura went before Jehovih's throne, saluting on the sign, SECOND PLATEAU, and Cpenta-armij answered in NIRVANIAN ROAD, SALKWATKA. She said:

4. In the name of the Great Spirit, Whose Daughter I am, I welcome you* in love and high esteem. I know all your*** past record, and do look upon you* as the foundation of one of Jehovih's brightest suns. Long have I desired that you shouldst petition to come to see me; and much desired I to see you* and greet you* in the Father's name.

5. Ahura said: O you Most High Chieftainess, of hundreds of thousands of years, how can I stand before you*? I know you hast seen many truants in thy day, and watched their course thousands of years. You can see before me all that await''' me and mine; the past and the future are as an open book before you*. That I have stood before you* and looked upon you*, I am blessed above all things since the day of my birth.

6. Behold, the hand of the Great Spirit hath appeared before me; I comprehend the only road that lead on to everlasting resurrections; I know that the ONE ALL PERSON must ever stand as the key-note for angels and mortals. Without Him, a man is as a ship without a rudder; the seas around about him drive him to ruin in the end. Blessed is he who hath had the experience of this in an early day of his life. Nervous and full of fear is he who hath been tried two thousand years!

7. Then spake Cpenta-armij, saying: I perceive your*** desires, O Ahura! I understand why you are before me. Thy wisdom is great indeed. You perceivest that your*** plateau is in the second removal from the earth. You fearest that some of your*** hosts will forsake Jehovih, and usurp kingdoms of their own, even as you didst in time past. You desirest me to raise your*** plateau farther away from the corporeal earth.

8. Ahura said: If it be Jehovih's will, even for this purpose am I come before you*!

9. Now came a great light, bright, like a sun, and settled over the throne, enveloping the Goddess, Cpenta-armij, and Jehovih's Voice spake out of the light to Ahura, saying:

10. My Son, My Son, why hast you so little faith! Behold, I am with you* even as with this, My Daughter. All you lackest is faith. Go you back to thy plateau and raise thou it thyself. My Daughter should come to you*, and show you*, and you should not fail. To have faith in Me is to be one with Me; to lack faith in Me is to be far removed from Me.

11. Ahura said: O Jehovih, teach You me how to begin to have faith. To find the beginning, there is my stumbling block!

12. Jehovih said: By trying Me, there is the beginning. By learning to know your** own power in Me; and to know My power in you*; this is the sum of all power and wisdom. By the lack of faith in Me, man set up himself; by the lack of faith in Me, the self-assuming Gods build kingdoms for themselves.

13. The failure of man is proof of My power; the failure of all kingdoms is proof of the lack of faith in Me, whereby My power is manifested over them. First, after the abjuring of self, come the constant manifestation of power through faith, the example of which hold the multitude to Me and My works.

14. Inasmuch as you hast suffered fear in your*** soul for a relapse in your*** kingdom, you hast opened the door for disaster. Have I not proved this on earth? --wherein the faith of a captain lead his soldiers on a victory, and his lack of faith break''' them down in weakness. Think not, O Ahura, that My examples are less with My Gods.

15. If, therefore, My Daughter should come to your*** kingdom and raise it up, behold, she would lessen your*** hosts' faith in you*. For which reason you should return to Ailkin, and proclaim to your*** people that you wilt raise your*** plateau. And though millions of them will consider it vanity, and beyond your*** power, behold, I will provide unto you* that you should not fail.

16. Ahura said: I perceive Thy Wisdom, O Jehovih! That which You hast put upon me, I know I should accomplish through You*. The Voice departed, and Cpenta-armij spake on her own account, saying: You should proclaim a day for this great work; and you should send invitations to me and my hosts, and to my Gods and Lords, Goddesses and Lordesses. Send you, therefore, your*** surveyors and inspectors, and determine whither thou wouldst raise your*** plateau, and you should be provided from my hosts whatever assistance you mayst need.

17. Ahura then saluted, and he and his hosts departed without the capital chamber, where they rested awhile in recreation with the etherean hosts, and then they entered their ship and departed, and returned to Ailkin. After which Ahura appointed the day for the resurrection, and sent messengers throughout atmospherea, proclaiming what he would do, inviting Gods and Lords, with their attendants, to come and spend the day with him.

18. Jehovih spake to Cpenta-armij, saying: Send you your*** mathematicians to estimate the grade of Ahura's plateau; and send your*** surveyors to the place he hath chosen, that thy hosts may know the power required; and provide you from your** own hosts, privily, suitable stationers that Ahura should not fail. For, in time to come, Ahura should be one of My greatest of Gods.

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