1. Es said: When God saw that Looeamong's warrior angels had come upon the earth regions, discovered by Columbo, God withdrew, saying:

2. Behold, I will use this as a testimony unto Jehovih and against this false Kriste, in time to come. For I will withdraw my angel hosts and give up, for a season, the central lands of Guatama.

3. And it should come to pass, that mortals in these lands should not prosper in peace, nor righteousness, nor in learning, nor in science, nor in inventions, nor in anything good under the sun. For Looeamong's warrior angels should obsess them, and they should build up, and then destroy, and the people of Aliattes [Mexico], the Yodopans [the Montezumas], should be destroyed, and the I'tuans and their cities should be ruined.

4. Now it did come to pass, as spoken by God, the central lands of Guatama, from sea to sea, fell under the dominion of the warrior angels of Looeamong, the false Kriste, and they became warriors and destroyers; nor rose they in peace, nor wisdom, nor in anything good under the sun.1 But they lived as pilferers, debauchees, warriors, murderers and idolaters of the false Kriste.

5. God had said: I will go to the northward, to the western coast of Uropa, and my angel hosts should inspire another people to migrate to Guatama for conscience sake (Jehovih's sake).

6. And it should be proved, in time to come, that they whom I should take across the ocean, should inherit Guatama; and they should prosper in peace and virtue and wisdom and learning and inventions. And man, in after time, should witness the difference between the people of Looeamong's possessions as compared with mine own in the northern regions.

7. And so, God sent his angel hosts amongst the factions of western Uropa, and inspired mortals to rise up, and depart out of that country for conscience sake. And they that were inspired of God crossed over the ocean, and landed in Guatama, and they named the place of their landing Plymouth Rock, saying: For God's sake and for liberty, help us, O Thou, our Creator.

8. But they said not: For Kriste's sake, nor for sake of the Holy Ghost.

9. Nevertheless, Looeamong's angel warriors had accompanied them across the ocean; and, when they beheld what mortals had done, they departed, by means of the mortal ships returning to Uropa, for these angels were too low in grade to cross the ocean without the presence of mortals.

10. And, when they had come to the other side, they reported to Looeamong's angel generals what had been done by mortals, in Guatama, and these angel generals sent a dispatch to Hapsendi, Looeamong's heavenly kingdom, to learn his will and pleasure.

11. Looeamong sent back word as follow, to wit: Send you a sufficient inspiring host to obsess all mortals who have thus possessed Guatama, lest the country fall into Jehovih's hands. Spare them not; possess all, or ruin all, in the name of Kriste and the Holy Ghost.

12. And thus it came to pass, as regard this false Kriste and his affairs with God:

13. The latter had inspired, for sake of Jehovih, certain other people in north-western Uropa, who were Faithists in heart, but not practisers of the rites and ceremonies, who called themselves Quakers, to migrate to Guatama, to shape the destiny of the inhabitants to peace and virtue and wisdom; and these Quakers were covenanted to Jehovih, to never engage in war, nor to quarrel, nor to contend with any man for opinion's sake.

14. So Looeamong's obsessing angels did fall upon the colonies of settlers in Guatama, and obsess them to flay and to burn and to exterminate the Quakers, for Kriste's sake, as mortals said.

15. And the angels of Looeamong inspired mortals to lay in wait for any such other Faithists as might migrate to Guatama.

16. God had said: Suffer these hardships to my people to be recorded, for in kosmon, they should be testimony of the power of heaven on mortals.

1 This undoubtedly applies to Mexico, Central America, and the northern part of South America, and to the West India Islands, as well.


1. Es said: Hear you****, O earth, and you****, heavens of the earth, of the ways of Jehovih, through his God, in this, His kingdom. Understand you**** how all things are accomplished for the ultimate triumph of righteousness.

2. Now, after the etherean angels came to Paradise, in answer to God's prayer for help, God divided his hosts unto all the earth and the heavens thereof, not for sudden triumph by violent means, but to the end that man should, in after years, comprehend the wisdom and glory of Jehovih.

3. So, God made eleven divisions of his hosts, four divisions for the earth, and seven for the heavens of the earth.

4. And as chiefs of the four divisions for the earth, he appointed, Eezen, Khan, Ah Cho and Lakash, to go to hada, the heavenly kingdoms of the four false Gods, to establish a guard, thence to the earth.

5. And God gave to each of them one thousand million hosts to labor with them. And when these were all selected, and had come before the throne of God, he said unto them:

6. Because the four false Gods have accomplished all the good they can accomplish, and are now only leading mortals and angels down into darkness, I should presently cut them and their supplies off from the earth. In that day and hour there will be danger in heaven.

7. For there are more than three hundred million spirits in the hadan heavens, who were put to untimely deaths, in order to establish the false Brahma, the false Budha, the false Kriste, and the false God-Gabriel.

8. Go you****, then, to your places, and provide yourselves in wisdom and strength. Guard well these spirits, for once they congregate for vengeance sake, they will cast their Gods in hell.

9. They answered with one voice: Jehovih's will and your** be done! And they saluted, and departed.

10. God then called up the other seven of the Holy Eleven, to wit: Yopes Loe, Likar, Vadhuan, Ardolfus, Yutemis, Zahawee and Yedna, together with their seven thousand million hosts, and he said unto them:

11. Behold, the eleven kingdoms which have been preparing for more than two thousand years should now be opened up, and established, with roadways to the kingdoms of the four false Gods. For the time is near at hand when I should cast them out, and remove them and their kingdoms away from the earth, and forever.

12. That a revolt may be prevented, you**** should provide places and vessels for the removal of their drujas, of which there are more than twenty thousand millions. Go, then, to your respective places, and be you**** ready by the time of my command.

13. They answered unanimously: Jehovih's will and your** be done! And they saluted, and departed also.

14. After this, God appointed twelve of the etherean Gods and Goddesses as a Severing Host, and he allotted to them six thousand million angels to work with them, when the time should require them.

15. To these twelve Gods and Goddesses, God said: When the time is at hand, behold, ye should take your six thousand million hosts, and cut off all the earth supplies on which the four false Gods and their kingdoms subsist.

16. And their kingdoms should fall in anarchy and ruin. Their drujas should be liberated; none should stay them; and they should fall upon their Gods' kingdoms, and despoil them utterly, and cast their false Gods into hell (anarchy).

17. Go, therefore, to the places whither I have provided, as my messengers will show you, and make ready in all things, for the time and the signal of my hand.

18. So, these twelve Gods and Goddesses saluted and departed for their labor also.

19. Now, as yet, none but the Holy Council and the Gods and Goddesses knew the plans of God, Jehovih's Son, nor the object and labor provided unto the hosts sent thus forth to all parts of the earth and the hadan (lowest) heavens.

20. Nevertheless, God had commanded the officers to maintain lines of light with his throne in Paradise, so that concert of action would manifest all around the earth, in the same moment of time.

21. Now, therefore, be it known, that of the fire-boats and crews sent by the false Gods to Paradise, only one, Looeamong's, returned to tell the tale of chagrin and disappointment in not meeting the etherean God, Litabakathrava.

22. As for the other three, fitted out so extravagantly, with a million hosts, crowned and adorned in such magnificence, they concluded to go away, each into a different heavenly region, and establish three independent kingdoms of their own.

23. Many of these angel hosts had been promised, for hundreds of years, that they should have sub-kingdoms, with millions of slaves, but had ever been put off, until they were discouraged.

24. Accordingly, they resolved to appropriate their outfits in founding thrones and capitals.

25. So, the fire-boat sent out by Ennochissa, returned to his heavenly regions, but not to Ennochissa. And that of Kabalactes went to his regions, but not to Kabalactes. And that of Gabriel (Thoth) returned to his regions, but not to him.

26. And they all proceeded much after the same manner, which was, after having found a place, to go about in the fire-boat, enticing subjects to come to their places.

27. And it came to pass, ere their respective masters were aware of it, they had heavenly kingdoms, with hundreds of millions of slaves.

28. When the three false Gods, Ennochissa, Kabalactes, and Gabriel-God, heard of the proceedings of their traitorous subjects, they, separately, declared war against the pretenders.

29. In not many years, therefore, from this small beginning, great wars engrossed these three false Gods' kingdoms on every side, but wholly interior to each one's kingdom.

30. Which enabled God, Jehovih's Son, to pursue the two great plans for the redemption of mortals and angels. These plans were, to provide protection to the Ka'yuans (Confucians) of Chine'ya, the worshipers of Jehovih, and to found the country of Guatama free from the grasp of Looeamong.

31. So, as soon as God had provided a sufficient protecting host of angels for the Ka'yuans, he devoted his energies to Guatama and her heavens.


1. Whilst the heavens of the earth were thus stirred up with war and with anticipated misfortunes and strange doctrines, there came to Paradise, before the throne of God, a host of seven thousand angels who had been victims of the inquisitions under the inspiration of the false Kriste, Looeamong, praying an audience with God.

2. Accordingly, after the chief marshal had announced this before the throne and Holy Council, God commanded them to approach, and speak.

3. And those who were leaders then came, and spake. These were: Rochus, Estella, Coceicas, Martin, Ajedio, Burton, Gardener, Oguier, Isagades, Thornton, Wincelaus, Hepburn, Autonus, Hague, Bothna, Hijas, Sedasius, Prague, Septullus, Thilinae, Portia, Fussa, Barm, Donia, Sarekka, Solomon, Jolif, Gallilleo, Sega, Spinola, Sutton, Jinuthes, Sirach, Obenaes, Pelachon, Berttimo, Feirdonas, Puberttas, Quidonatus, Paglia, Suzarathga, Wotchganheim, Givier, Dospastonitus, Leiberanz, Jasman, Orolf, Meyer, Litz, Herman, Dolche, Mogan, Ruchtevolt, Yokamsteimer, Bolch, Calas, Radby, Yan'tos, Le'chaim, Fetch, Bliney, Catherine (queen), Lambert, Holt, Renn, Savicht, John, Barnes, Sanwalt, Biers, Drumfoldt, Nekairo, Hemsted, Wight, Thuce, Kerby, Askew, Wolfe, Bartholf, Brown, Wishartd, Mille, Sadarak, Gaepon, Hutton, Somerset, Railif, Bedford, Wehlen, Gaison, Darcy, Wallace, Tudon, Taylor, Farrar, Jones, White, Myers, Henry, Atino, Percy, Alies, Flower, Joseph, Milne, Warne, Simpson, Latimer, Ridley, Cranmer, Lang, Pesth, Bradbridge, Walstein, Allin, Jesse, Ormes, Staveson and Donald.2 And this is the substance of what they said:

4. Most Holy God, Jehovih's Son, greeting in love, in pity and in anger!

5. We are not Gods, nor pure, nor holy. Therefore pity us.

6. We are not happy, and feel that in our struggles to find the truth we have been unfairly used. Therefore, pity us.

7. We were born in mud-holes, and have soiled garments. Therefore, have compassion upon us.

8. We are in search of clean water, that we may go wash ourselves. Therefore, guide us.

9. We have such strength as a mad wolf might be proud of. Therefore, use us.

10. We have not such mercy and forgiveness as become Gods. Therefore, give us rough work to do.

11. Such work, in fact, as would require no one to split a hair to discern right or wrong.

12. Not that we desire to glut ourselves in vengeance against the false Kriste. One step higher, O God.

13. As such a matter, if an innocent lamb were pursued by a wolf, give us to rush in, and save the lamb.

14. Now, behold, the rumor hath come to us, that you wilt establish Guatama free from the dominion of Gods and Saviors.

15. And it come to this: we are so far on the road to purification, that we can no longer catch the false Kriste's angels, and hurl them into hell.

16. Nevertheless, we are not so fastidiously pure, but we would seize his evil-working angels, and hold them by the throats till you hadst your*** great country founded safely for Jehovih's kingdom.

17. If, therefore, you can appropriate seven thousand angels in some loose and unscrupulous corner, to do you* good service against the tyrant and remorseless Looeamong, behold, we stand before Jehovih and you*, to do your*** will as you mayest command.

18. God said unto them: My brothers and sisters, in the name of Jehovih, I welcome you.

19. What you**** can do, that should you**** do; nor should any but yourselves judge yourselves.

20. As far as you**** have the light of the Father, so should you**** serve Him.

21. To Him only are you**** responsible; for His triumph should be the redemption of heaven and earth.

22. Behold, Looeamong will surely inspire a war, both in Guatama, with mortals, and in the heavens thereof, with the angels.

23. My angel hosts should inspire the mortals of Guatama to found a government free from the dominion of Gods and Saviors.

24. War will follow. Now, behold, I have appointed Yotahiza, as my Lord for those regions. Repair you**** thither with my messengers who know the way, and Yotahiza will receive you in my name, and give you work in justice, truth and wisdom.

25. The army of the inquisition then saluted, and departed, and they came to Yotahiza's heavenly station with the colonists in Guatama.

2 The above names will be found in "Fox's Book of Martyrs," and "Justin's Book of Christian Victims."

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