1. Fragapatti and his hosts remained thirty days with Gir-ak-shi, and great was the enjoyment of the people; and then Fragapatti departed, going to the kingdoms of Uropa, first Goddess of a barbarian division of the earth. The Voice of Jehovih had been with her from the first, but there were but few corporeans in her division, and only six hundred million angels, mostly drujas.

2. Nevertheless, Jehovih said unto Uropa: You should found here a kingdom in My name, and it should become mighty in heaven and earth. Uropa said: What is the first best way, O Jehovih? Jehovih answered, saying: As for the drujas, you knowest. But as for the corporeans, behold, they have neither copper nor iron, but use stone. Send, therefore, of thy hosts of ashars, five hundred who are well skilled in the art of inspiring mortals, to Arabin'ya; and you should cause fifty men to migrate into your*** lands. And the fifty men should be such as are skilled in mining and working copper and iron.

3. And your*** ashars should inspire them to go to the mountains and find the ore, and then to work the same, to make tools of, and to make implements for hunting and fishing.

4. So Uropa sent angels to Arabin'ya, and they inspired fifty men to go to Uropa, and find copper and iron, and work it. And in the space of four years, behold, there had gone out of Arabin'ya not less than twenty thousand men. And the ashars inspired them to marry with the druks and half-breed I'huans. And in this way a new people of higher light was born into Uropa's division.

5. In Zeigl Uropa build her heavenly kingdom and founded the city of Oitch. Five hundred thousand angels were her holy Council, and fifty thousand captains; and of ashars, two millions, partly ethereans and partly atmosphereans.

6. Her heavenly kingdom was of the kind and manner of Gir-ak-shi's, and her administration in the same way. And in four years she had rescued nearly all the drujas in these regions of atmospherea. So when Fragapatti came to see her, she provided entertainments after the same manner as did Ger-ak-shi, having all her hosts present.

7. After this Fragapatti visited Kow'anea and his heavenly kingdoms, and also his earth divisions. Next Fragapatti visited M'wing'mi and his heavenly kingdoms and earth divisions. Next he visited Ots'ha'ta and his places, and then Soo'fwa.

8. With all these Lords and Gods Fragapatti spent many days, examining and recording all the labor done; and he spake before them all, so that his voice was heard by nearly all the people in the lower heavens. And so great was the work accomplished by Fragapatti with any one of these Lords or Gods, that were a history thereof written it would require the whole lifetime of a man to read it. Nor is it possible with earth words to describe the beauty and glory of a single one of these recreations in his travels.


1. The close of dawn was near at hand. Fragapatti returned to Mouru, the heavenly kingdom of Haraiti, in atmospherea, richly stored with a knowledge of the earth and her heavens. The capital was illuminated, and the decorum of the higher heavens prevailed.

2. Already were there assembled more than four thousand million angels prepared for the third resurrection. Fragapatti sent word to his Lord Gods, and to his Lords and Gods, and to Samati, God in inherent right up to the end of dawn. And he notified all of them of the day and hour when he should accomplish the resurrection.

3. And then Fragapatti called his swift messengers, whose labor is with the thrones of Jehovih in etherea. He said: Behold, the dawn of dan is near the close. The Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih will number ten thousand million souls. Two divisions will I make of grades fifty-five and seventy, for the forests and plains of Goomatchala. This ye should communicate to Hoseis, Goddess of Alawatcha, on the road of Affolkistan, saluting in Jehovih's name, and of His Son, Fragapatti, Chief.

4. The swift messengers saluted, and then departed. Next he called the messengers for the kingdoms below, and of these messengers there were twenty thousand, divided into twelve groups, and they had been previously apportioned to certain divisions of heaven and earth.

5. To them Fragapatti said: To the Lord God of each division, and to the Lords and Gods, and through them to the officers under them, greeting, in the name of Jehovih! Appoint and anoint the successors in Jehovih's name; and when your kingdom is in order, appear you**** at the throne of Mouru, for the resurrection of my hosts is near at hand. Provide you**** ships and such vessels as are suitable, and bring, as visitors, from your kingdoms and most holy places, as many atmosphereans as desire to come, that they may witness the ceremonies and the ascent of Jehovih's Sons and Daughters.

6. And these commandments were carried unto all the divisions of the corporeal earth and her heavens. Fragapatti then said unto Athrava: You should receive the Brides and Bridegrooms. As for myself, I will go down to the earth and receive God and Zarathustra, and they should be borne in mine own ship even unto this place, and thence to etherea.

7. In all places on earth and in heaven the spirit inhabitants were stirred to the utmost. In Haraiti there were already more than four thousand colonies, and every one had thousands and thousands eligible to the third resurrection, who would depart in the coming ascension. Of these there were persons of every occupation, and they were perfect in their order, belonging to groups and series of groups. And now the captains and generals were re-organizing them into phalanxes; and the Gods again organizing the phalanxes into kingdoms.

8. Zeredho sent her contributions to Haraiti, four hundred million souls. The Lord Gods were making their groups in their own several divisions, to be further organized after arriving at Mouru, the place whence the final ascension would take place. Some of these had a thousand millions of their own resurrection, including whom they had previously sent to Haraiti.

9. Fragapatti sent special messengers to God, Samati, to learn the day appointed for Zarathustra's death; and he further allotted to Zarathustra three days in hada, in which to preach to mortals by the inspiration of God, and appointed the fourth day thereafter as the time of his ascension from the earth.

10. And now, when all these matters had been put in shape, Fragapatti ordered the assembling of the sacred circle of the Holy Council, Sons and Daughters of the Most High. The lights were raised, and only Gods and Goddesses could remain in sight of, or near the throne of Jehovih. Fragapatti commanded Hoab to stand in the midst of the circle, facing the judgment seat.

11. Fragapatti said: Hear the words of your*** Creator, O Hoab. I called you* up out of the ground, and with Mine Own spirit quickened I you* into life. From your*** youth up I have followed you* day by day. I have called out to you* from My holy hill; with a woman's tenderness came I after you*. When you didst try to run away from me, I followed after. Yea, I called My Son, high raised in My everlasting kingdoms, and I said unto him: O My Son, run you quickly, for Hoab, My well-beloved, run away from Me. Go you and bring him; for he is my Chosen.

12. He should be My God of the red star; her heavens should bow down before him. I will raise him up and anoint him with My holy fire; his countenance should shine like a sun in My firmament.

13. And Fragapatti, My Son, overtook you* in your*** flight; with great cunning he captured thee unto My labors. And you hast raised up your*** voice and glorified Me; your** arms have been bared to the harvest; your*** fruit is a song of glory.

14. Have I not given you* experience in all things? Even to the precipice of hell made I thee to walk and fall not. The darkness of everlasting death I made to encompass you*; in the hour of your*** despair I came to you* and raised you* up.

15. Have I not great profit in you*, My Son? My countless millions cry out in all places; they behold Me not; they know not of Me and My heavenly places. Like a troubled sea that know no rest, the voices of mortals and angels forever cry out: There is no light!

16. Wherefore, then, was I not wise in you*, O Hoab? I made thee of strong limb, and with arms that reach far; your*** judgment I fashioned for the great multitudes.

17. I say to the bird, the young bird with feathers: Fly! And itgo away. I say to man: Go forth, in My name! But he look''' around. Again I say to him: Go forth! But he turn''' to his neighbor for his opinion. Again I speak, calling: Come to Me! But he stand wondering. Again I say: Come! But he saith: By and by. Again I say: Come! He replie: I have not all light! Again I call, and he saith: Alas, there is nothing!

18. And hego down in darkness; he curse Me and accuse Me of errors! He preach''' My shortness, but in his words cut himself off from Me. In the foul-smelling place of his darkness, My holy angels cannot come; he burrowe himself in stubbornness that is blind and deaf.

19. But I blow My breath upon the earth and the stars; I drive them into new roads in the firmament of heaven. Into the dwelling-places of My high Gods I drive them as chaff before the wind. And when the light of My heavens hath cleared away the darkness, I send My Gods with great power.

20. To this end have I raised you* up, O Hoab. My shield is upon you*; you should wear the triangle of the red star; two hundred years should you hold dominion over the earth and her heavens. In My name speak, O Hoab!

21. Then spake Hoab, saying: Thy Voice is upon me, O Father! My limbs are weak; my hands tremble like an old man that is palsied. Behold, I have sought in vain to find anything perfect in me; I am as a trumpet that is bruised and split; there is no harmony or power within me.

22. You first gavest me a wife and sons and daughters to rule over and to raise up for Thy glory, but I failed utterly. My wife saw not with my eyes, nor heard with my ears, nor judged with my judgment; we were like two instruments, broken and out of tune. As for my sons, they went astray, like sheep without a herdsman; my advice was as weak to them as the shadow is to the tree. And my daughters went away from my love, and chose young men, even before my eyes.

23. Then I cried out unto You*, saying: O Jehovih, why gavest You me a kingdom? Behold, it is scattered and gone! Then I went down into the grave in sorrow. But Thy hand raised up my soul in heaven; and You gavest me another kingdom. But my people would not see through my eyes nor hear through my ears. Then I sought to know if my eyes were not wrong, and my ears wrong, and my judgment wrong.

24. And I turned about, like one who is lost in a forest, and shut his eyes as to the direction of the sun, going by the sound of a multitude of tongues. And my kingdom drew a boundary around itself, and shut out all light. But Thy Son came and delivered me and my people.

25. Behold, I was as weak as a child; in my weakness Thy light came upon me. Never more should I desire others to see through my eyes, or hear through my ears, or judge by my judgment. You hast healed me of my infirmity, O Jehovih. Only by one Eye can things be seen through; by one Ear can things be heard through; by one Judgment can things be judged.

26. You hast said: Go forth in My name! I will go, O Father! You hast said: You should have dominion over the earth and her heavens! This will I accomplish also, by Thy Light and Power, O Jehovih!

27. Then spake Jehovih through Fragapatti, saying: Accept the earth, O Hoab, My Son, My God! It is your** to keep and to rule over! Accept atmospherea, O Hoab, My Son, My God! It is your** to keep and to rule over!

28. Hoab said: I will be Thy Son, O Jehovih! I will be Thy God, O Jehovih! From You* I accept the earth to keep and to rule over! From You* I accept the earth's heavens, to keep and to rule over! Again Jehovih spake through Fragapatti, saying:

29. What you doest henceforth do you in My name, for it is of Me and is Me in you*!

30. Hoab said: What I do henceforth do I in Thy name, O Jehovih! For I know it is You* in me that do all glorious things!

31. Jehovih spake through Fragapatti, saying: With Mine Own hands weave I a crown for thee My Son, My God of the red star! I place it on your*** head for the glory of My kingdoms, which are endless in number and full of holiness! Wear you My Crown, for it is with Wisdom and Power!

32. Then Fragapatti's hands were waved about by the Great Spirit, and a crown was woven and placed on Hoab's head, and it was brilliant and white, studded with countless millions of gems. Hoab said: Crown from Thy hand, O Father! I accept it and wear it, emblem of Thy kingdoms, endless in number and full of holiness. I know that You wilt ever be with me in Wisdom and Power! I will glorify You* forever! My kingdoms should glorify You* forever!

33. The chief marshal now conducted Hoab to the throne of Jehovih, which had been previously vacated, and Hoab sat in the midst of the throne. In the meantime, the es'enaurs chanted a hymn of glory. Hoab then said: Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih, Orian Chief, come you and honor my throne in the name of the Father. Then Fragapatti went to the throne and sat thereon. Next Hoab called up Athrava, then Hapacha, and then other Gods and Goddesses.

34. And now, whilst the Council held, Fragapatti said: Behold, the time of the death of Zarathustra hath come. Be you**** here, and I will go quickly down to the earth and receive God and him, and the hosts of God and his Lords.

35. So Fragapatti departed, and sailed swiftly down to Parsi'e, on the earth, and came to the place of meeting of the corporeans who had charge of the Holy Word. And it was on the morning of the fourth day after Zarathustra's death. For three days and nights his spirit had been preaching to the Faithists, explaining the kingdoms of Jehovih.

36. So Fragapatti called unto God, saying: Behold, my Son, your*** labor is done. In you* have I great delight. Behold, my ship lie by the river; my lights are raised for the everlasting thrones! God (Samati) said: It is finished! That that you didst put upon me I have done! Behold, here stand Zarathustra, my Son.

37. Zarathustra was then taking leave of his corporeal friends, for his soul was fast becoming illuminated. Yea, he had looked up and beheld the ship of All Light, and he knew now the Voice of the Father.

38. So Fragapatti went and took Zarathustra in his arms, saying: Come, my beloved. Thy home is yonder! So, they went into the ship of fire and ascended to Mouru.


1. And now the Lord Gods, and Lords and Gods, began to arrive in Mouru. The marshals, and their officers and workmen, had extended the landing-places for the hosts of ships; receivers had been appointed and allotted their various places. Heralds and messengers had been provided with places of announcement; and lines of intercommunion had been laid, so that the words of heralds and messengers could be heard by all the millions in waiting.

2. Be it known, O angels and mortals, such is the glory of Jehovih's works that, stand where you**** will, His kingdoms are always seeming above. As you**** of the earth look upward and behold the stars, so they that live on the stars look upward to see the earth. If, therefore, you**** were receiving messengers from the stars, it would seem to you that they came downward; but to them, as if they rose upward, even until near the landing-place, when it would be downward to them also. Because the feet of a mortal or the feet of an angel are on the foundation of his place, and because his head stand in the opposite way from his feet.

3. First came Ardi'atta, Goddess over the spirits that had been delivered out of the hells of Aoasu by Fragapatti and Hoab, housed in Zeredho and Haraiti. And with her, her successor, Gaipon, manager of the hosts. Ardi'atta brought one thousand and three hundred millions of souls in her ship, mostly visitors who had been delivered out of hell. Besides these, were twenty millions raised to light, clothed as Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. These latter were the harvest of Ardi'atta, and in her charge. The receivers of her ship stationed it in its place, and then the receivers of her hosts conducted them to their places.

4. And now came E'chad, Lord God of Arabin'ya, in his ship, with more than four thousand million souls, half of whom were Brides and Bridegrooms. His ship was received by the proper officers, and stationed in its place; and his hosts received by the proper persons, and conducted to their respective places. With the Brides and Bridegrooms E'chad entered the south wing of the capital; and E'chad's successor was with the visiting hosts. When E'chad entered before the throne, Fragapatti saluted him on the sign JEHOVIH’S REST, and E'chad answered in THE GLORY OF EVENING!

5. Before the hosts of E'chad were landed and placed, there came Ots-ha-ta, Lord of North Oceya, with his successor, in a ship of thirty millions, of whom Ots-ha-ta had two million Brides and Bridegrooms. His ship was received and stationed in its place; and his hosts received and assigned to their places.

6. In the meantime, Kow'anea, God of South Guatama, came in his ship, with his successor, bringing seven hundred million souls, of whom Kow'anea had sixty million Brides and Bridegrooms. And they were received by the proper officers and assigned to their places.

7. Hardly had Kow'anea landed, when Yaton'te came, with his successor and his hosts. Yaton'te's ship was the most beautiful of all that had yet arrived. His hosts were four thousand million souls; but of Brides and Bridegrooms he had but thirty millions. Him Fragapatti saluted on the sign of STAR OF THE WEST, and Yaton'te answered in the sign of the GOLDEN CIRCLE! He and his hosts were then assigned their places.

8. Now came M'wing'mi, God of South Oceya, and his little ship was laden with four hundred million souls, and he had three million Brides and Bridegrooms. His ship was received and stationed in its place, and his hosts received and stationed in their places.

9. Next came Soo'fwa, God of Japan and her heavens. His was the most brilliant of all the ships, and he had three thousand five hundred million souls aboard, of whom two hundred millions were Brides and Bridegrooms. His ship was received and stationed, and his hosts also; and when he entered before the throne, Fragapatti saluted him on the sign of BEFORE THE ANCIENTS! And Soo'fwa answered him in the sign of LITTLE STAR!

10. And now the most loved of all came, Uropa, Goddess of the barbarians! Her ship was the swiftest and best trimmed, and she brought one thousand million souls, of whom she had eighty million Brides and Bridegrooms as her harvest. When she entered before the throne of Jehovih, leading in her Brides and Bridegrooms, Fragapatti saluted on the sign, PERSISTENT FIRE! And Uropa answered him in the sign, JEHOVIH’S TRUST!

11. Now came great Ah'oan, Lord God of Jaffeth and her heavens. His ship was the largest of all, and he brought five thousand million souls, of whom nearly two thousand millions were Brides and Bridegrooms. When he came before Jehovih's throne, Fragapatti saluted him on the sign, THE POWER OF LOVE! Ah'oan answered him in the sign, EVERLASTING LIFE!

12. And now the ship of Gir-ak-shi came in, bringing a thousand million souls, of whom eighty millions were Brides and Bridegrooms.

13. Besides there were seventy and six other Gods, from departments of the grand divisions of the heavens, bringing, some five million souls and some even twenty millions. And there were Lords of islands and Lords of small places on the earth, who had also come in small ships, bringing, some five and some ten million souls. And all these Gods and Lords had Brides and Bridegrooms according to the place and number and condition whence they came. And they were all received and stationed in their proper places.

14. Thus there came to Mouru upward of thirty thousand million atmosphereans that had sprung up from the earth by Jehovih's will; and of these there were ten thousand millions and eight hundred million spirits prepared as Brides and Bridegrooms unto the Great Spirit. Besides these, there were the hosts of Fragapatti, the ethereans, ten millions, mostly Gods and Goddesses, and these formed the inner sacred circle of the Holy Council. Next to these were their successors, ten millions, who were to be the Holy Council of Mouru after the ascension. And next outside of these were stationed the Lord Gods and their attendants, behind whom stood their Brides and Bridegrooms. Next stood the Gods and their attendants, and Brides and Bridegrooms; and then the Lords, their attendants, and their Brides and Bridegrooms.

15. And next outside of these stood the successors, the Gods and Lords, with their attendants; and yet behind them, their visiting hosts. And within and amongst them all, the musicians, the marshals, messengers, swift messengers and heralds were assigned their respective places. But so vast was the multitude of angels, and so great the glory, that one might look thereon all day and not even see the millionth part; nor is it possible for corporeal words to convey but a crude picture of the magnificent scene.

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