1. Fragapatti surveyed Aoasu in all the Morn of East Birth, and his officers enumerated the spirits, and recorded their condition, and then he called his conductors, saying:

2. I have measured the Morn of the East Birth; take me now to the Setting Eve of Death.

3. So the ship, with its passengers, was raised a little, and started for the west, running low over the regions lying west of Ham, Shem and Jaffeth. Fragapatti said:

4. I perceive, the plan of the Gods on this star was to complete its inhabitation by going westward. For this reason, I will see where they designed to have the Eve of Death and the birth of the Father's kingdom on the corporeal part.

5. When they came to the Atlantic Ocean (Uzocea), they raised their ship still higher, and sped across for the regions inhabited by the I'hins and I'huans.

6. Arriving thither, they came to Ipseogee, a region in the lower heaven where Hapacha, Lord of the I'hins, had a kingdom of seventy million souls, many of whom were I'huan spirits. Here Fragapatti halted, and made fast his ship, remaining seven days. And Hapacha received him and his hosts, and entertained them. And during the time of their sojourn, Hapacha sent his otevan out around over all the heavens belonging to Guatama, north and south, taking the surveyors and inspectors of the hosts of Fragapatti into all inhabited places, so they could complete their records.

7. In the meantime, Hapacha conducted Fragapatti throughout his kingdom, exhibiting the factories, schools, colleges, hospitals, and all such places as belong to the second resurrection.

8. Fragapatti said to Hapacha: In you* and your*** kingdom I am well pleased. You should hear from me ere many days. At present I must depart. So Fragapatti told not who he was, nor what was his mission; but gathering together his hosts, departed, still going westward, until he completed the circumference of the earth.

9. Now will I again go around the earth, said Fragapatti, and inspect mortals and their kingdoms. So, his conductors now run the ship just above the lands, being guided by messengers familiar with the earth and with all the habitable places. And they zig-zagged their course, going into all kingdoms and into all large cities, and into forests and plains, determining the condition of the earth, and its capabilities, as well as the conditions of mortals and their capabilities.

10. And when Fragapatti had completed this latter inspection, he returned to Mouru, in Haraiti; and the whole of his absence was seventy-seven days.

11. And all the records obtained on the expedition were immediately filed in Mouru, where the High Council and all others who chose could read them. And on the third day thereafter, Fragapatti resumed the throne of Jehovih, and was prepared to found anew the kingdoms of atmospherea, and also those of earth; to overthrow or set aside what was not good; and to raise up both mortals and spirits who had proved themselves worthy.


1. This, then, is the manner of the House of Mouru: Fragapatti would announce the subject; then, rank and rank, according to exaltation, the representatives of hundreds and of thousands would speak on the subject. When all had spoken that desired to, or whom Fragapatti asked, then Fragapatti would pronounce in the name of Jehovih. And these were the decrees. For example:

2. Fragapatti said: What should be the divisions of the earth, and who the Lords thereof? And when the House had expressed, then Fragapatti said: In the name of Jehovih, these should be the divisions of the earth, to wit: Jaffeth on the east and north, by the sea and to the ice regions, and on the west to the mountains of Oh'e'loo, which should be called the first division.

3. To the east and south, water and water, and to the west, the highlands of E'zar; and its name should be Shem.

4. The south land should henceforth be called Arabin'ya, encompassed by the sea. And north of this, the first country of the brown red race should be called Heleste, bordering on Shem and Jaffeth on the east, and extending half way to the sea on the west.

5. Uropa should be Goddess of the west part, and it should be called after her. And the two great west lands should be called North Guatama and South Guatama. And all the islands of the earth should be called Oce'ya; and the waters of the earth should be called Oce'a, signifying, in likeness of the earth and sky.

6. For the seven divisions of the earth there should be seven rulers of the rank Lord God; and for South Oce'ya, one ruler of the rank Lord; and for North Oce'ya, one ruler of the rank Lord; and for Japan (Zha'pahn), one ruler of the rank sub-God.

7. Hear me, O you**** Gods and Goddesses: Who I should proclaim from amongst you should reign during dawn of dan only, but should raise up a successor in your own name, and in Jehovih's name, to the same rank, to hold dominion two hundred years, the next succeeding resurrection.

8. Fragapatti said: I proclaim, in the name of Jehovih, Ah-oan, Lord God of Jaffeth; Yima, Lord God of Shem; E'Chad, Lord God of Arabin'ya; Gir'akshi, Lord God of Heleste; Uropa, Lord Goddess of Uropa; Yaton'te, Lord God of North Guatama; Kow'anea, Lord God of South Guatama; M'wing'mi, Lord of South Oce'ya; Ots'ha'ta, Lord of North Oce'ya; and Soo'fwa, sub-God of Japan.

9. Approach the throne, O you**** Lord Gods, and Lords, and sub-God, that you**** may be anointed in the name of the Father, and duly crowned with the emblem of All Light.

10. First came the Lord Gods; and they stood before the throne of Jehovih, now illumed brilliantly, in gold and white. Fragapatti said: By Thy Power and Wisdom, O Jehovih, which rest in me, do I these, Thy Lord Gods, anoint and bestow to Thy kingdoms, for Thy glory. Amen! Receive you**** of this fire, for it is His anointing with power and wisdom, that all men and women and children, mortals and spirits, coming under your dominion, may rejoice in their Creator, rising forever. Amen!

11. The Lord Gods responded: May I glorify You*, O Jehovih, in the kingdom You hast bestowed upon me! In Thy name I receive this fire, for it is Thy baptism with power and wisdom. Whomsoever You hast entrusted to my dominion will I cause to rejoice at all times, and to rise up forever in Thy numberless kingdoms!

12. Fragapatti said: And to you I bequeath, in the Father's name, power to exalt successors, that you**** may also bequeath to your successors power for them to exalt successors also; and so on, till the next dawn of dan from the etherean kingdoms, for of such manner should be the dominion of the Gods and Lords of earth, and her heavens, for a long season hereafter.

13. The Lord Gods responded: Thy power, O Jehovih, do I accept, to exalt a successor to me in my dominions, with power to bequeath the exalting power to his successors after him, till the next etherean dawn of dan.

14. Fragapatti said: Crown of Thy Crown, O Jehovih, do I weave of Thy golden light, for these, Thy exalted Sons and Daughters; and with my hand, in Thy name, crown them. Be You with them, now and forever. Amen!

15. Then Fragapatti gathered of the light present, and fashioned crowns for them, and they came forward to the foot of the throne, and he crowned them. So also, at the time they said: I receive Thy fire! there came down from above a stream of light, bright as the sun, and settled upon them.

16. And now they sat down at the foot of the throne, in ancient custom, and Fragapatti came down from the throne, bringing attendant Gods with him; and they took the hands of the newly-anointed Gods, and rose them up; and Fragapatti said: Arise you, O Lord God, and go your*** way. Jehovih is with you*. Then they stood aside, a little way off.

17. Then came forward the two Lords. Fragapatti said: O Jehovih, by Thy power and wisdom in me vested, do I appoint and announce these, Thy Lords, to their divisions of the earth; and with my hands, and in Thy name, weave I a crown for each of them, and crown them Lords of Thy light, for Thy glory. Amen!

18. Hear me, O Lords; that which I bestow in the name of the Father, and you**** receive, ye should also bestow in the name of the Father upon your successor at the end of this dawn of dan. Though a Lord God hath dominion, first, with mortals, and, second, with the first heaven in his division which rest''' on the earth; and though a Lord hath dominion with mortals only, and with such ashars as minister unto them, you**** twain are made Lords of far-distant islands, where you**** should determine many things in your own way, often being Gods also, which I also bequeath unto you, and your successors forever.

19. The Lords said: What you hast put upon me, O Jehovih, I will do, with Thy power and wisdom, for Thy glory, forever. Amen! I receive Thy crown with praise and thanksgiving, and will bestow it in Thy name upon my successor, bright as I now receive it.

20. Fragapatti then laid the crowns upon them, and they sat at the foot of the throne, also. Then Fragapatti took them by the hand, and raised them up, saying: Arise, O Lords of Jehovih, and go your ways.

21. And when they stood aside, Soo'fwa came forward. Fragapatti said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, and by Thy power in me vested, do I this, Thy Son, crown sub-God of his division of the earth and its heavens. Of Thy light I crown him, and bestow him with a rod of water and rod of fire, that he may have dominion in Thy name, and for Thy glory. Amen!

22. Hear me, O God: Thy duties make you* both Lord and God; but your*** second resurrections should be removed at short intervals, as you should be hereafter informed. But you should have power to appoint assistant Lords to be with thee, in my name, and the Father's. And you should also exalt a successor after you*, with power to his successor also.

23. In Jehovih's name, receive you this crown of yellow light, for it is the emblem of the oldest habitable country above the waters of the earth! And may the Father be with you*, now and forever. Amen!

24. He also sat at the foot of the throne, and Fragapatti raised him up, even as the others, saying: Arise, O God, and go your*** way. So he stood aside. And now the es'enaurs sang and chanted, and the marshals led the way; and the newly empowered Gods departed out of the House of Mouru. And there had been provided for them, already, a vessel sufficient to reconduct them back to the earth; and they entered the vessel, and, amidst the flying of banners and the music of the trumpeters, they sped forward, and were soon out of sight.


1. The hosts of the second resurrection were now conducted to the mansions previously created in Haraiti by Fragapatti; and they were provided with teachers and occupations, according to their development.

2. Fragapatti said: The marshals in chief will now send the builders of the fire-ships before me; I will speak to them. Now when the builders had come, and duly saluted before the throne, Fragapatti said:

3. Go build me an avalanza capable of carrying three thousand million angels, with as many rooms, capable of descent and ascent, and east and west and north and south motion, and prepare it with a magnet, that it may face to the north, whilst traveling.

4. The builders saluted, and then withdrew, and went and built the vessel. And it was two hundred thousand paces east and west, and the same north and south; its height was one thousand lengths, and the vesture around it was a thousand paces thick; and it was provided with etherean curtains, two hundred thousand; and with four hundred thousand banners, of all possible colors and shades and tints. Besides these were fifty thousand small flags and streamers. The floor was woven in copy of a spider's net, extending from the centre outward, and with circular bars at crosses; and the frame-work within was constructed with one million uprights, the entire height of the vessel; and yet across these were twenty millions of bars; within the whole, were the rooms and halls, and places for musicians.

5. When it was completed, the builders notified Fragapatti. He said: Athrava, come thou and sit on the throne. I promised to go and see Hoab and his colony, in Zeredho, when he should send me word regarding certain matters. Behold, messengers have notified me, and Hoab desire to know how he can establish his colony, that he may never more fear to be annoyed by other Gods and angels.

6. Let fifty thousand musicians enter the ship with me, besides a sufficient number of captains and officers to manage the ship. The marshals at once made the proper selections, and took them to the ship, when they all entered, Fragapatti with them, and they departed.

7. So, Fragapatti returned to Zeredho, the second highest lower heaven, of which the ambitious Hoab, with his colony, desired to be sole occupant forever.

8. Hoab was waiting to receive him, having aroused up a sufficient number of his indolent subjects to maintain the semblance of a heavenly Council. But what a surprise! He had expected only a small vessel, with a few attendants. And now, when he beheld the magnificence of the avalanza, and the majesty of the band of musicians, so far transcending anything he had ever seen, he feared, and was awe-stricken.

9. Fragapatti approached slowly, but with Avom lights, and when the ship was near at hand, the hosts aboard cast out hundreds of thousands of perfumed ovaries, which exploded with beautiful colors, filling the atmosphere around about with the most delightful perfume. Finally the avalanza came to anchor, and Fragapatti, without any ceremony, alighted, taking a thousand attendants with him, and came directly up to Hoab, who was abashed somewhat on account of his shabby appearance.

10. Fragapatti said: Friend and brother, peace and joy be unto thee and your*** house! To which Hoab replied: All hail, great Chief! Happiness attend thee and your*** hosts! And were it not that I had previously discovered you wert a philosopher like myself, I would apologize for the vast difference between the respective appearances of our hosts. But ye are welcome all the same!

11. Fragapatti said: A mere incident of conditions, most noble God. You are aware, when children go on a holiday excursion, they attire themselves in their best; so it is better that I find an apology than that you shouldst.

12. Hoab said: Nay, Chief, there is a philosophy in this matter which hath worried me of late: A thousand years ago my colony was ambitious to retire itself in grandeur, and to build fine ships and go on excursions, also. Five hundred years later, they ceased building ships and going on excursions, saying: What is the use? Latterly, they are all utilitarians, doing just as little as possible. In fact, many of my subjects deny themselves comforts, on the plea that they can do without them.

13. Fragapatti said: You rememberest, when I was here before I said to you* that without contentment no people had attained to peace; and you didst acquiesce. Why, then, shouldst you not rejoice that your*** people have thus subdued ambition and curiosity? Hast thy mind, in so short a time, lost its contentment? You knowest I came here to impart to you* and your*** people the great secret, that you**** may so fortify yourselves that you**** should never fear for Gods or angels molesting you.

14. Hoab said: Hear me, O Chief: If my people lose all ambition for rites and ceremonies, and dancings, and excursions; and keep constantly striving to deny themselves of everything save what necessity call''' for; and if that necessity become smaller and smaller, where will be the end? Will not all inspiration die out? For, to tell the truth, since my people have given up rites and ceremonies, and prayers and singings, they have also given up rejoicings of soul, and are becoming like a dead people.

15. Fragapatti said: Then you wouldst seem to prove that to hold on only to the useful in life would ultimately end in suicide to the state, to the family, to the individual, and even to the soul?

16. Hoab said: Many of my people are too lazy to clothe themselves; and because of shame, they seek secluded places, as they say, to live as they please. Do not such people commit suicide against the state? Hath a man a right to withdraw himself from his fellows, saying: It suit''' me better? We have been told that in the first age of mortals, they had no ambition to live together, being void of all talents, and that the Gods inspired them to language and to society, giving them rites and ceremonies as an inducement to make them harmonious and attractive to one another.

17. Fragapatti said: How should I account for the difference between your*** arguments now and the other time I was with you*? You desiredst me to believe that you and thy people were the highest, best, happiest of all people in the heavens. Why this change?

18. Hoab said: You didst promise me you wouldst teach us some way of protection against being molested by other Gods and spirits from other kingdoms. Since then I have reasoned on the subject, and I perceive that if such a state of security could be given to my people, they would wander off into isolation, and even forget language and judgment. How, then, was it, you toldest me you hadst been in heavens where such a state of seeming impossibility exist'''.

19. Fragapatti said: Let not arguments sway you*, O Hoab. But rather, examine proofs for thyself. I mistrusted that my statement to you* was too extravagant to be believed without evidence. Behold, then, what I have done: I brought a vessel large enough for all thy people, desiring that you**** go with me to my kingdom, new founded in Haraiti; and if thou shouldst find any further desire, at the end of a few years, I will take you* and your*** people to still another kingdom, in a far-off world. After that, and you desirest it, I will provide the same conveyance back to Zeredho, with power to rule over it to your*** heart's content.

20. Hoab said: Fairest of Gods! I feared, indeed, you hadst come with the same old story; to worship the All Light, the Unknowable Nothingness; with foolish ceremonies and rites, and prayers, and songs of praise; which, however good for the ignorant and superstitious, are worthless to a God as enlightened as I am. This you perceivest with thine own judgment. Gladly will I go with you*, and I will persuade as many of my people as possible to go also. You are the first God that ever came to our heaven, that wanted not to circumscribe our liberties, which neither I nor my people can tolerate.

21. These things were then communicated to the people of Zeredho; and after a few days they gathered together, and went into the avalanza, every soul of them. Fragapatti signaled the commander not to go directly to Haraiti, but by way of Utza, one of the hells in the Aoasu mountains, inhabited by thousands of millions of spirits in darkness, many of whom knew not who they were, nor had they names, being infants, idiots, and chaotic and foul smelling.

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