1. When the infant is young, My Light is its first knowledge, saith Jehovih.

2. It see Me and hear''' Me; and it see and hear''' My angels.

3. By the pressure of My Light upon its corporeal eyes and ears, it learn''' to see and hear corporeally.

4. This is the beginning of two senses, which I created to grow parallel to each other, and equal in strength.

5. But the infant, being in the corporeal world, heed more the things that appeal to the corporeal senses than such as appeal to the spiritual senses.

6. So that one person growe up, forgetting Me and My angels. He is a skeptic.

7. But another person growe up, remembering Me and My angels. He is a believer.

8. And, behold, you, O man, inquirest of them: Whence came the idea of a Creator, an All Person?

9. And one of them answer''' you*: It is inherent; it is natural.

10. But the other answer''': It is folly; it came from darkness.

11. But I say unto you*, O man: Darkness can not create an idea; not even darkness would be known but for the light I make beside it.

12. You can not imagine any animal under the sun which I have not created.

13. Man said: I imagine a horse with a fish's head and fins.

14. Whatsoever you inventest, saith Jehovih, you but take the parts of one of My creations, and puttest them to another.

15. Let this prove unto you*, if you can not invent a new living creature, that thy forefathers did not do so either in regard to Me.

16. Nevertheless, you hast a thought, and an idea of Me and My Person.

17. And you hast a thought, and an idea of the spirits of the dead.

18. By My Presence and inspiration upon you*, I taught you* I am the I AM, a Person.

19. By the inspiration and presence of My angels, I taught you* of them also.

20. My inspiration upon the bird cause it to sing; by My Presence I teach it to build its nest.

21. By My Presence I color one rose red, and another white.

22. Proof of My Person is in the harmony of the whole, and of every one being a person of itself, perfect in its order.


1. Two kinds of voices have I, saith Jehovih: The silent voice and the audible voice.

2. All men I created susceptible to one or the other of My voices, and many to both.

3. One man hear''' My voice in the breeze, and in thunder, and in music.

4. One man hear''' My voice in the flowers of the field, and in the scenery of the mountains.

5. And yet another feel''' My inspiration; and he skip up the mountain side, and tire not on the way.

6. He that neither see nor feel''' My inspiration,go up the mountain in great labor.

7. In proportion as man is clear in his corporeality and in his spirit, so discern''' he My inspiration.

8. And if he have great purity as well, then he shape my Light into corporeal words.

9. These I taught man to call My revealed words.

10. Nevertheless, no corporeal man created I perfect; neither can any man reveal My words perfectly.

11. But I created the way open unto all men, to try to reveal Me.

12. According to man's approximation to perfect manhood, so reveal I unto him, by My Presence and My words.

13. According to man's imperfection in manhood, so doth not My inspiration manifest on his senses.

14. Perfect manhood created I possible, in equal corporeal and spiritual senses.

15. Strong corporeal senses and weak spiritual senses detract man from My Presence, and make him infidel to My Person.

16. Such a man deny My inspiration and the inspiration of My angels. He is little more than a forest tree, which hath a trunk and many branches, but move not from its place.


1. I am One Spirit, saith Jehovih.

2. My quickening power is upon all the living; because of this, they live and move.

3. According to the different structure of the living, so is My inspiration manifested by them.

4. One, as the hare, run away in cowardice; another, as a lion, is ferocious; another, without judgment, as the serpent.

5. And as to man: One is inspired to music; another to mathematics; another to seership, and so on.

6. To all of these I am the One, the Universal Inspirer that move all of them.

7. According to their organic structure, so do they manifest My inspiration.

8. The lowest of living creatures made I the serpent, for I gave to him an element capable of destroying himself.

9. When the earth was encircled with poisonous gases, I created poisonous vines and weeds and trees and all kinds of herbs, rich-growing upon the earth.

10. Thus, from destroying gases and from earth-substance created I the vegetable world. And, in that day, all growing things upon the earth which I had created were poison as to animal life.

11. Then, I created the serpents; of all sizes created I them. And they were poison also.

12. And the serpents I created were carnivorous, feeding upon one another. Self-impregnating created I them.

13. Thus drove I the poison of the air down into vegetation, and thence into the animal world; thus I purified the air of heaven.

14. This was the first creation I created on this world.

15. Then I overcast the earth with falling nebulae, and covered up the poisons growing upon the earth, and they were turned to oil and coal.

16. Then, I made a new creation; giving feet and legs and bones to the animals I designed for the earth.

17. And when the earth was ripe for man, then I created him; male and female created I those of the second creation.

18. And man was dumb, like other animals; without speech and without understanding, even less than any other creature which I had created.

19. Nevertheless, I had given to man, and thus made him, out of the dissolved elements of every living thing that had preceded him.

20. And man partook of the first and the second creations. After the manner of every animal on the earth, so created I man; with all the characteristics of all of them, so created I him, male and female created I them.

21. And man was unconscious of his creation, not knowing whence he came; nor knew he which was his own species.

22. And I sent angels to man, to teach him who he was, and to rouse him up to his capabilities, for which I created him.

23. And my angels drew, from man's side, substance, and thus took on corporeal forms; and the angels dwelt with man as helpmates, to make man understand.

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