1. Man saith: If I can not add one jot or tittle to my corporeal body, and it is all built up by Jehovih, then, indeed, it is His.

2. Neither am I accountable whether it be well made, or well preserved.

3. And if I can not make one new thought nor idea, then, indeed are all my thoughts and ideas Jehovih's, given to me by inspiration, either directly by Jehovih, or by His creations.

4. Neither, then, am I accountable for my thoughts, nor ideas, nor behavior, whether they be good or bad. Verily, then, I am not responsible for anything, neither what I am, nor what I do, nor for what become of me. I am but an automation; I, myself, am nothing.

5. Jehovih saith: Because I gave you* liberty, you are responsible for all you art, and for all you makest thyself, and for all that should come to you*, and for your*** peace and happiness, both in this world and the next.

6. Liberty I gave you* as to what you shouldst eat, and shouldst wear to cover thyself, and where you shouldst abide.

7. I gave you* liberty to build your*** house in your** own way; but, behold, such liberty I gave not to the bird, as to her nest, nor to the beaver, nor to the ant, nor to any other living creature.

8. Liberty I gave you* as to whether you should eat herbs or flesh. But such liberty I gave not to any other living creature.

9. To the sheep and the horse I said: Eat you**** of herbs; to the tiger and lion: Eat you**** of flesh.

10. To you* I gave liberty to make thyself carnivorous, or herbivorous, or omnivorous.

11. Whatsoever you didst put in your*** mouth, and it united with your*** blood, and entered thy body, behold, it was by My labor and by My power it was accomplished.

12. Verily was I your*** workman.

13. All that you didst in the matter was to choose. You wert, in that respect, the master, and I your*** servant. And, behold, I made not the servant responsible for the master's behavior.

14. Because you madest thyself carnivorous, the fault is your** own. I placed before you* the herbivorous animals and the carnivorous animals; and I gave you* eyes to look upon them as to their behavior, whether ferocious and destructive, or peaceful, patient and docile.

15. And I spake unto your*** soul, saying: Look, judge for thyself as to what you should eat; behold the order of My creations and the result upon all My living creatures.

16. Hence, you are accountable unto thyself, and responsible unto all the world for having made your*** corporeal body as you hast.

17. I gave you* liberty to receive your*** inspiration from drunkards and harlots and fighters; or from men of wisdom, or the innocence of childhood, or the virtue of a virgin.

18. Even so, in regard to your*** spirit, your*** soul, your*** mind, your*** ideas and your*** thoughts, I gave you* liberty in the same way.

19. To behold a city of corruption, or the country, with pure air and trees, and flowers and mountains and valleys.

20. And I spake unto your*** soul, saying: Choose you what you wilt to be the inspiration of thy mind and spirit and soul; behold, I, your*** Creator, am your*** servant to impregnate you* with thoughts and ideas. All you hast to do, is to choose.

21. Yea, I said: I will even take you* to whichever place and condition you mayst choose.

22. And, now, because I gave unto you* this extreme liberty, and you hast chosen, behold, you are accountable unto thyself for your** every thought and idea; and for your*** spirit and soul, and in your*** behavior to all the world.

23. With liberty I bestowed responsibility also.

24. I am the Power, the Light and the Life.

25. In one thing, chiefly, you are not responsible nor an automaton, and that is your** own entity, your** own self, your** own I Am.

26. Thyself I gave to thyself, and even at the zero of your*** entity, I said: Go thou, make thyself. All other animals I created perfectly with Mine own hands, but to you* I gave liberty to make thyself, even as you hast. Yea, even in this, I said: Choose you, and I will do the labor Myself for you*.

27. So that, choice and liberty were the sum total which I gave to you*.

28. Now, therefore, O man, as I gave choice and liberty unto you*, so should you give the same unto your*** neighbor and associate.

29. Without these, there is no responsibility; with these, all responsibility.

30. Choose you your** own food, and your** own raiment and your** house; and choose thou the place, and provide you the way for whatever inspiration you mayst, still you should be responsible in all; whether the result be good or evil according to your*** choice, whether you fawn upon satan, or emulate your*** Creator.


1. These are Tae's revelations of Jehovih's times and seasons, appointed unto the chosen:

2. The shortest day on northern line of the sun should be the end of the year, and should be called old year's day, saith Jehovih.

3. And the first day thereafter, when the sun on his southern course start''' towards the north, should be the beginning of the year, and should be called new year's day.

4. These are My times of the end and the beginning of a year, which I created; and I made the earth and the sun as My written testimony thereof.

5. And I blessed and sanctified the old year's day and the new year's day, and I appointed them to be holy days, that men might remember the order and the system of My works.

6. And I said unto man: From one new year's day until the succeeding one should be called one year, for it is one completed oscillation of the earth, and of her revolution in the orbit where I placed her.

7. Therefore, what you hast completed within a year should be remembered by you*, that you mayst judge thyself therein.

8. And, on the old year's day, you should render up in full forgiveness in all things against all people.

9. And with the setting of the sun on that day, you should be purged of all animosity and claims against every man, woman and child, in all the world.

10. And you should make acknowledgement of this in words and songs and prayers, and in tokens, of no intrinsic value, to whomsoever you should have offended during the past year.

11. Tae said: For which reason the old year's day should be named, the Most Holy Sabbath Day. Behold, it is in accord with His heavenly kingdoms. And it should be with you* a day of spiritual communion, and of praise to Jehovih and His creations; with music and oratory, and ceremonies, and processions of your*** youth, orderly and well disciplined.

12. And, on the new year's day, you should rejoice and sing and dance; mingling together, old and young, even as the old year and the new year are joined together, side by side.

13. The seventh day of the new year should be your*** next sabbath day, and it should be a day of rest and of spiritual communion and praise to Jehovih and His creations, with singing and oratory.

14. So also should every seventh day be a sabbath day; for which reason seven days should be one week, being six days for labor, and one for rest and worship.

15. For this hath been proven in all the world to be good for man.

16. These, then, should be the moon's days:

17. The first new moon's day after new year's day should be the beginning of the first month; and the completion of the fourth quarter of the moon should be the completion of the first month, and it should be named, First month.

18. The next four quarters of the moon should be the second month, and it should be named, Second month.

19. And the next completed four quarters of the moon should be named, Third month. And so on, to the completion of the year.

20. Such, then, should be the month in any and every year, for these are the moon's times as Jehovih created them.

21. Neither should it matter or not whether the months overlap a new year's day; as they are created and moved by the Almighty, even so should man compute and register them.

22. For example, a new year's day may come upon the twentieth day of the Twelfth moon or on another moon's day, still, as they fall, so should they be numbered in truth.

23. As the moon's time differ''' to different continents, so should the months' times of the inhabitants of different continents be locally unto them.

24. But, in the intercourse between different nations on different continents, the month times should not be enumerated.

25. But, in all such cases, the year and the days thereof should be named.

26. As, for example, the seventieth year and the ninety-sixth day.

27. And it should come to pass that the sabbath days all around the world should be the same day unto all people, even with the travel of the sun.

28. Whereby, Jehovih's heavenly kingdoms should be in concert with mortals, as to times and seasons in all things.



1. As Jehovih, through His God, bequeathed to the children of Guatama a government unfettered by the name of God or Lord or Saviour, so Jehovih sanctified the day of the ratification and the signing and sealing of His compact, as the DAY OF THE HOLY SEAL.

2. And the sign thereof He made, A HAND HOLDING A QUILL.

3. Which should be the master's sign of salutation in the lodge on the day and evening commemorating the same.

4. And Jehovih made the answer to the master's sign, THE HOLDING UP OF A PIECE OF PAPER, signifying, CONSTITUTION.

5. Therefore it was said: The master saluted on the sign, DAY OF THE HOLY SEAL, and the lodge answered in the sign, CONSTITUTION.

6. And Jehovih said: Remember this day, and keep it holy, to the end of the world, for hereat was the beginning of the liberty of man!

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