1. God said: Consider the judgments of God, O you man of many promises.

2. Behold, I have heard you* say: O God, if I were rich; or, if this undertaking hold good; or, if I am spared, then will I do something handsome for the Father's kingdom!

3. And your*** vows have been registered in heaven, over and over again.

4. And my angels have labored with you* to fulfill your*** promise. And, yet, you dost not regard your*** word. But you holdest to your*** earthly possessions, saying: Wait yet a little while.

5. Hear you, then, the judgment of your*** God, for it is that which you should put upon thyself after your** entrance into the es world.

6. Which is, that you should be bound in heaven till you should accomplish what thou mightst have done, but failed to do.

7. And this is the penalty for neglecting, on earth, to fulfill the light that was given unto thee: You should, in heaven, accomplish without money, what you couldst have done with money. And the difference it require to do a thing without means, as compared to what might be done by one with means, is the extra bondage and duration that should be upon your*** head and soul.

8. To all men, who set out with a promise to accomplish charity, or any good for the resurrection or melioration of man, and fail to do it, the same judgment should be upon them in heaven. Nor should they rise above the first resurrection until they have fulfilled the same in all particulars. Thus should they judge themselves in heaven.

9. It is not sufficient for you*, O man, to say: I saw not my way clear as to the best method of doing a thing, and so I waited.

10. The commandment of Jehovih is upon you*, to do what you can, according to thy highest light and ability to accomplish. In this respect, then, you should find no excuse, because you knewest not the best way.

11. Neither matter''' it, the amount of your*** riches being less than another man's riches.

12. Nor should you find an excuse, in saying: I did more according to my means than did my neighbor.

13. One man should not be judged by another; but all should be judged according to the light of Jehovih in them, and according to what He hath given unto them.



1. God said: Now, behold, O man, I have declared my first and second resurrections unto thee. And in like manner is the third resurrection, but still higher. And so on are all the heavens of Jehovih, higher and higher, until the inhabitants thereof and therein become very Lords and Gods.

2. Nevertheless, hear you, O man, the wisdom of your*** God, and be appreciative of the way of resurrection being opened up unto you*.

3. Now, I declare unto you*, there are angels lower than the first resurrection; being incapacitated, from various causes, from knowing who they are, whence they came, or whither they are going. Yea, many of them know not words of speech, nor signs, nor tokens; but are as destitute of knowledge as young babes.

4. Many of them died in infancy; some of them were killed by abortion; some of them were idiots, and some of them deranged.

5. Many of these live by fetal. And that you mayst know, what fetal is, behold, Jehovih hath given you* testimony in mortality, whereby, when a young child sleep''' with a very old person, that child is devoured of its substance. In such case, the old person is fetaled on the young child; the old person is said to live by fetal.

6. Now, hear you, O man, the judgment of your*** God: Half the people, born into the world, including still-births and abortions, die in infancy. Therefore, there are a thousand million angel infants fetaled on the earth every thirty years.

7. These angels never obtain objective knowledge of the corporeal earth, but are compelled to learn subjectively earthly things through mortals upon whom they are fetaled.

8. Judgment is rendered against all nations and peoples on the earth for this great darkness, these early deaths. And, because these angels are thus bound to mortals, and cannot go away from them until such time as mortals die, mortals are responsible, and bound to train them up by examples of righteousness and good works.

9. Now, aside from such angels, there are such as are slain in war, whose minds are in chaos, who, dying in the heat of passion and fear and anger, become wild and bound on battle-fields, or, mayhap, stroll away into deserted houses and castles, and are lost, bewildered and unapproachable.

10. Of these, there are hundreds of millions; and they are in all countries and amongst all peoples in the world.

11. They are distracted and tormented with their own fears and bewilderment.

12. Judgment is rendered against all nations and peoples in the world who engage in war, thus bringing these afflictions upon the angels of heaven.

13. Judgment is rendered against every nation and all people in the world who carry on war, or who are accessory to war, whereby any man, created alive by Jehovih, is slain, in defense of any king or other ruler, or in defense of any country or government in all the world.

14. And, whether war be offensive or defensive, my judgment is against its aiders and abettors, and against the kings and queens, or other rulers who are parties to war, willingly, knowingly, or otherwise.

15. And I judge him guilty also who is general, commodore, captain, sergeant or private that engage in war or take part therein, aiding, abetting, or otherwise, whereby any man, created alive by Jehovih, is slain or caused to suffer death.

16. And yet, aside from angels who are in chaos, there are hundreds of millions who are in declension, instead of resurrection. Such angels are those who in mortal life were whipped and tortured in prisons, or, mayhap, were hanged, or otherwise put to death.

17. These angels take delight in evil instead of good. Sometimes they go about singly, and sometimes in gangs of hundreds and even thousands.

18. In olden times, the false Gods used such angels to fulfill curses on mortals; and to carry poison in the air, and inoculate mortals with foul diseases.

19. Behold, in this day, my angels have shown you* that they can bring flowers and ponderous bodies; even so could the false Gods with their trained warrior angels, who delighted in evil, cast mortals in death by poisons and suffocation.

20. Judgment is rendered against all nations and peoples who use prisons as places for whipping and torturing prisoners; and against all nations and peoples who put to death, by hanging, shooting, or in any way whatsoever, any prisoner, or any person whom Jehovih created alive.

21. Judgment is rendered against the judge and the jury who condemn to death any man; and against the law-makers who make, or have left in force, a law authorizing death as a penalty against any person whom Jehovih created alive; and against any sheriff or executioner that put to death, willingly or knowingly, any person Jehovih created alive.

22. And this is the bondage I put upon all such as obey not my judgments, and conform thereto: They should not rise above the first resurrection in heaven, whilst war remain''' upon the earth. Even though their bondage be a hundred years or a thousand years, yet this, my judgment against them, should not be put aside.

23. Neither should any king, nor queen, nor any other ruler in all the world, impress as a soldier any man who is unwilling to engage in war. And whosoever obey not this my judgment should not rise above the first resurrection in heaven whilst war remain''' on the earth.

24. Neither will I more consider the prayers of any king, or queen, or any other ruler, or any nation or people in all the world who engage in war, offensive or defensive, or who aid or abet war in any way whatsoever.

25. But I will abandon all such people; and my Lords should abandon them; and my holy angels should abandon them.

26. And they should be abandoned unto their own harvest of evil spirits, and to all manner of drujas.

27. And they should be afflicted with assassinations and intriguers and despoilers, and with anarchy and riots and destruction.

28. For they should be made to understand that whosoever Jehovih created alive is sacred upon the earth; and that whosoever heed not these, my judgments, sin against the Almighty.

29. Behold, it is not sufficient apology for them, to say: O, an evil king will come upon my country and possess it!

30. I say unto you*, O man: All countries are Jehovih's. Be you His servant unto peace and righteousness, having faith in Him.

31. Behold, your*** God hath come to put away old things, and to give unto you the kingdoms of Jehovih, as they are in His exalted heavens.

32. Heed you the judgments of your*** God; you can not stay the hand of the Almighty.



1. God said: Hear the judgments of your*** God, O man; look you upon all the world with the eye of a God.

2. Be you comprehensive in judgment over all nations and peoples upon the earth.

3. Jehovih hath said: Out of My very self created I all the living; brothers and sisters made I them, from the members of My body.

4. Jehovih hath said: In the early days of a world, behold, I provided unto man different continents and islands, separated by mighty waters, that man, in one division of the earth, might not interfere with man in another division of the earth.

5. Jehovih hath said: Behold, one nation and people I allot to one civilization, and another nation and people I allot to another civilization. Separately, on the different divisions of the earth and on the islands in the seas, situated I the different peoples I created.

6. Jehovih hath said: But, when the world growe older, and man attain''' to wisdom, I say unto him: Build you ships, and sail across the waters I created; go visit your*** brothers and sisters in the different divisions of the earth.

7. Jehovih hath said: As man master''' the ocean, and come to his brothers and sisters, afar off, and I say unto man: Because you hast mastered the ocean, let this be a testimony unto you*, that there should be no barrier, henceforth, between all the nations and peoples I created.

8. Jehovih hath said: In kosmon I come, saying: Be you**** brethren upon the face of the earth and upon the waters of the earth; these are the legacies I bequeath unto My children.

9. Jehovih hath said: Be you**** a help and a profit unto one another, judging wisely of the differences which circumstances and places of habitation have developed in the races of man.

10. Now, I, your*** God, O man, declare this judgment unto you*: Inasmuch as your*** wisdom hath surmounted the corporeal barrier, the ocean, between you* and your*** brother, it is meet and proper, that your*** soul surmount the barrier of prejudice against your*** brother.

11. And that, instead of making laws against him, you should do the opposite of this, and throw open the place of your*** habitation, and your*** soul, and your*** love, to receive your*** brother, godlike, and with open arms.

12. Flatter not thyself, that you can turn aside, or set backward, the seasons of the Almighty.

13. Wherein you dost this, affliction should surely come upon you*.

14. Behold, I have made the heavens of the earth universal; and established heavenly roadways around about the earth, that the angels of the different nations and peoples may be as angels of universal heavens, to help one another.

15. Wilt you make a law to incite the enmity of the spirits of the dead against you*? And open the door for still more aggressive wars?

16. Should the laws of man interdict the march of Jehovih?

17. Now, behold, when kosmon came, I said unto you*: Come with your*** God; peacefully should you knock at the doors of Chine'ya and Japan, and they should open unto you*.

18. This, you accomplished; and those who had been exclusive hundreds of years, turned from the olden ways to welcome Jehovih's hand in your*** coming.

19. Now, I declare unto you*, I will not more have exclusiveness in any of the nations and peoples in all the world.

20. Neither should there be taxes and duties of one nation or people against another.

21. Behold, you hast asked for the Father's kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven, and I will give unto you*. As you hast prayed, so will I answer you*, in the name of Jehovih.

22. You should not serve both, Jehovih and mammon. Neither should the light of my heavens be with you*, save you heedest my judgments.

23. I will have all the ports open and free, nor should there be partisan taxation, in favor of one nation against another, nor of one people against another people.

24. It is not excusable for you* to say: Lo, the poor foreigner will come and consume my riches!

25. You should say the opposite: Welcome, my poor brothers and sisters! Whatsoever is mine, is yours also. Come you****, and dwell within my country; it is ample, and Jehovih will provide unto us.

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