1. Hear the words of your*** God, O man; I am your*** elder brother, the captain of heaven and earth.

2. Wherefore, declare I unto you* in this day, the same should be testified to by millions of angels unto mortals ere one generation pass away.

3. Of Brahmin angels in the lowest of heavens, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than four thousand millions.

4. Of Budhist angels in the lowest of heavens, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than seven thousand millions.

5. Of Ka'yuan angels in the lowest heavens, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than a thousand millions.

6. Of Kriste'yan angels in the lowest heavens, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than three thousand millions.

7. Of Mohammedan angels in the lowest heavens, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than two thousand millions.

8. Of Jewish angels in the lowest heavens, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than thirty millions.

9. And of other angels, idolatrous and otherwise, even on the earth, more than twelve thousand millions.

10. And of all these angels not one is above grade five, in the first resurrection.

11. But of such as are below grade one, there are more than six thousand millions, which comprise such angels as know nothing more than babes, though, for the most part, they were full grown adults as to earth-life. Some are fetals, some engrafters (professional re-incarnators), who dwell with one mortal during his life-time, and then engraft themselves on another mortal during his life time, and so on, calling themselves re-incarnated, and, in fact, knowing no other heavens, being disbelievers in the All Person and in my exalted kingdoms.

12. Such as are below grade one, I have classed this day as drujas, because they have not left the earth and entered the first resurrection.

13. They inhabit mostly the oldest cities, and places of filth and indecency; nevertheless, they also inhabit the palaces of kings and queens and emperors and popes and priests and rich men.

14. Of grade one, there are hundreds of millions of angels strolling about on the earth, crying out: I want to go to Brahma, I want to go to Budha, I want to go to Jesus, I want to go to Kriste.

15. And I send my hosts of high-raised angels to them, saying: Come you**** to the kingdoms of Jehovih, and be clothed and fed, and learn to clothe and feed others, for this is the way of resurrection.

16. But they will not believe, but turn away in stubbornness of heart, even as you**** of the earth, saying: Nay, I will rise only by prayers and confessions. I want to be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and rise and sit on the right hand of God.

17. And there are hundreds of millions who, being dead, know not anything; but, through belief in a judgment day, went to sleep, and are waiting for the trumpet of Gabriel to call them forth.

18. And I send my exalted ones to them to awake them up, and call them up; but they are drunk with their faith, and they relapse again and again, for years and years, for hundreds of years!

19. Fulfilling Jehovih's mandate, that whatsoever is bound on earth should be bound in heaven.

20. And, even as one drunken man on earth entice another to drunkenness, so are there hundreds of millions of idolatrous angels, who return to mortals and persuade them to their same doctrines and to their same debaucheries.

21. Hear the words of your*** God, O man, and be wise in your*** judgment: He Who created thee alive, gave to you* of His Own Being. Be you steadfast unto Him, and you should not err, but eliminate thyself from the chance of error.

22. He alone is unmistakably your*** sure foundation, in Whom you should not be tripped up.

23. Sufficient unto you* and your*** resurrection is your*** Creator. Wherefore, in your*** soul thou should abjure all Gods and Lords and Saviors.

24. Neither should you try to exalt His name by adding thereunto any name in the shape and figure of man, nor by any one of woman born.

25. Seek you to attain to His voice in all things, and to obey Him for righteousness' sake. Be not stubborn in your*** conceit.

26. In your*** singleness of purpose you should be ministered unto by the spirits of the first resurrection; but, as you unitest thyself in a brotherhood on earth, in the name of Jehovih, so should you be ministered unto by the light of my second resurrection.

27. But it hath been proved, and it should be proved again, that all brotherhoods on earth founded on any of the idols in heaven, should not stand.

28. Because, there is no second resurrection to minister unto them.

29. And all societies and constitutions and by-laws founded by men, not capable of the second resurrection, should fail.

30. But whosoever establish''', in the second resurrection; which is the abnegation of self to serve Jehovih, should not fail.



1. Hear the words of your*** God, O Israel. Shut not thyself up against the wisdom of thy elder brother, God of heaven and earth.

2. Nor magnify you the ancient days above the present; nor feign and say, your*** God is gone away to come no more forever.

3. Behold, you hast gone forth as a little man to battle against a giant. With your*** sling thou hast smitten him with thy ONE God, Jehovih!

4. You wast encompassed on all sides by a multiplicity of Gods; one by one, you hast overcome them, and cast them out.

5. The giant of the great beast, the false Gods, lie dead and cold at your*** feet.

6. The nations of the earth cry out: There is but one Great Spirit, Jehovih!

7. And I declare unto you*, O Israel, the Voice of the I AM is not gone from the earth.

8. Through the seed of the Faithists have I held up the Father's kingdom; by the voice of my beloved founded Him in all the nations of the earth.

9. Thy enemy exulted, saying: Behold, they are a scattered people!

10. But your*** God profited in your*** footsteps, and in the words of your*** mouth: There is but one Great Spirit, Jehovih!

11. And I have provided unto you*, after the manner of your*** forefathers, a place to inhabit, where you should not longer pay tribute to the Gods of the idolaters.

12. Come you out of the darkness of despotism, and inherit the wilderness of this land. And they should bloom as a new paradise before your*** hand.

13. But, because you hast accomplished the ONE EVER PRESENT, behold, you should no longer be an exclusive people; but should suffer your*** sons and daughters to commingle with the Faithists of all the races and tribes of men.

14. And you should forsake the ways of the world, and go, and live after the manner of your*** forefathers, in colonies, without kings or rulers; serving none, but Jehovih.

15. And your*** people should hold all things in common, being neither rich nor poor; master nor servant. And you should call out to the idolater, saying: Come into my house, and be one with me. Behold, there is but one Creator; you are my brother.

16. And it should come to pass unto you*, O Israel, the way of your*** people should be open, and they should be delivered out of the bound kingdoms of the east.

17. Because, for two thousand years, you hast not gone forth with the sword to possess any new country, and establish thyself, you are glorified before your*** God.

18. Because of your*** long suffering, you should find peace through the light of my kingdoms. Behold, a new cycle is upon the earth; your*** people should find proof of these my words.

19. My angels will come into the houses of my people, and they should talk with them, face to face.

20. Think not that this book is mine only revelation in this day; within your** house, O Israel, you should prepare unto the voice of your*** God.

21. For I will raise up many seers and prophets amongst your*** people. And they should testify to my words, on all sides.

22. Judge you not, O Israel, who are apostates before your*** God. I say unto you*: He, that forsake Jehovih and worship''' mammon and the ways of the world, is an apostate in my sight. For, even though they maintain the rites and ceremonies, they have forsaken the spirit and truth of my commandments.

23. Whereas, many who have forsaken the rites and ceremonies in search of higher light, are more to the way of Jehovih.

24. Do they not, indeed, keep the rites and ceremonies, but drink to drunkenness, and eat to gluttony, feasting on flesh, wherefrom they have taken life?

25. And they engage in selling wine, and in dealing in stocks, after the manner of the idolater. Whilst your*** forefathers were scrupulous to labor, and bring forth out of the earth, wherewith to feed and clothe man.

26. And they say: God prospered me!

27. Wherein they falsify me, and blaspheme Jehovih and His kingdoms. I say unto you*, they are prospered by satan; and their prosperity is the wages of bondage in heaven.

28. And because of their wickedness, they have led my people to disbelieve in my justice and the plans of my kingdoms.

29. For which reason, more are they apostatized in my sight, than such as are good, who say: There is no God.

30. Throw open your*** doors, O Israel; my angels stand at the threshold. These, my words, which I have told to you* beforehand, should be corroborated by hundreds of thousands of witnesses from my heavens.

31. Seek for the resurrection of your*** soul, O Israel, that Jehovih may be glorified in you*, forever and ever!



1. Whether on earth or in heaven, the same rules apply unto both:

2. He that serve himself one-half, and serve others one-half, should stand grade fifty.

3. He that serve himself three-quarters, and others one quarter, should stand grade twenty-five.

4. He that serve himself one-quarter, and others three-quarters, should stand grade seventy-five.

5. He that serve himself only, should stand grade one.

6. He that serve others wholly, should stand grade ninety-nine.

7. And whoso serve accordingly, himself or others, should stand in grade even as his works manifest.

8. To serve one's self is to work for one's self; to strive for one's self, to think of one's own self, as to what will profit one's own self only.

9. To serve others, is to do good unto others; to help them; to teach them; to give them joy and comfort. This is the service of Jehovih.

10. But there are some who are below the grades; who seek to do evil; who seek to make others unhappy; who delight in crime and pollution. These, if mortal, should be called Druks, and if spirits, should be called drujas [druj, singular].

11. After such manner, in general, are the grades of my heavens of the earth, atmospherea.

12. Grade one is on the earth; grade fifty, midway between the earth and the emancipated heavens, etherea.

13. Grade twenty-five is one-quarter way up from the earth, toward etherea; but grade seventy-five is three-quarters way upward, toward etherea. And so on, relatively, grade and place of ascent intermediately.

14. But grade ninety-nine is the highest atmospherean grade, preparatory to entrance into the company of the all pure in spirit.

15. But good works alone are not sufficient to attain the highest grades, for they require knowledge and capacity to unfold others.

16. To accomplish which, those of the higher grades should oft return to the lower, and learn to lift them up. For this is that which call''' the ethereans in the times of resurrections.

17. Wherein the righteous, who are yet mortal, begin at once lifting up their fellows.

18. Which labor is to the spirit as exercise is to the mortal body, that which give strength.

19. Judge, then, thyself, O man of the earth, as to the place your*** spirit will rise in the time of your*** death.

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