1. God said: Hear the words of your God, O you**** preachers, priests and rab'bahs; seek not to gainsay my words.

2. In times past, I had such representatives, and I said unto them: Go you****, preach my doctrines unto the inhabitants of the earth; make them understand the way of the Almighty.

3. And you**** should take neither money, nor scrip for your labor, but be an example of faith in the promises of God.

4. So, your predecessors went forth fulfilling my commandments.

5. But alas, how different you**** are this day! You**** patronize the man of wealth; you**** boast of the riches of your congregations!

6. You**** receive salaries, and you**** dwell in fine houses; my doctrines you**** sell as merchandise! You**** have fine temples and fashionable audiences, and you**** curry favor with those who are in affluence.

7. You**** go not to the drunkard's den, nor to the unfortunate woman; these you**** take not in your arms, saying: My brother, my sister, come with me, I will show you the kingdom of God!

8. Behold, I have come to you in spirit and in truth, but you**** put me off, saying: Is not the first duty to one's own household? Is not self-preservation the first law?

9. Now, I answer you: These questions spring from the beast, and not from the spirit.

10. Neither avail''' it you one jot or tittle, to rise at break of day and recite prayers all day, nor to say: God help the poor! or: Blessed are you, my God!

11. When you**** can not purchase one another by flattery, how hope you**** for the favor of the Almighty, by praise and prayers and flattery?

12. Behold, the selfishness of man hath made the world a place of wretchedness! The people are in misery and want.

13. Go, then, quickly, to them, and provide a remedy. This is the new religion I give unto you: Demanding sacrifice of you, and your congregations, of all you**** have, that is not in use and actual need.

14. And you**** should judge the limit thereof, remembering that whosoever is bound on earth, is bound in heaven.

15. I have drawn aside the veil of death, your sons and daughters, your fathers and mothers, the dead and the living, stand face to face.

16. And the angels are testimony unto you, that your doctrines, as you**** practice them, are a blasphemy against the Almighty.

17. You**** persuade yourselves and your congregations, that, after death, the soul should go far away, and to an exalted heaven. But, behold, they that are dead are with you. They testify unto you by the thousands, and by tens of thousands, that you**** led them astray.

18. The evidence of the work of heaven is at your door. You**** stand accused before Jehovih, that you**** practice not what you**** preach; that you**** fare sumptuously, and connive at sin; that ye preach what you**** can not prove; by the angels of your own blood and kin, are you**** accused.

19. You**** have no personal knowledge of heaven, and, in stubbornness of heart, you**** dispute with my seers and prophets, who can prove before you, they have power to see unseen things, and to hear that which you**** can not hear.

20. You**** study spiritual things with your corporeal senses; neither have you**** capacity to see and hear the spirits of the dead. How much less, then, should you**** presume to interpret Jehovih and his kingdoms?

21. Now, behold, I come in this era, not only to declare to you, that the time of preaching is at an end, save wherein it is practiced in deed as it is spoken in word, but also to prophesy to you, that many of you will give up your calling, and preach no more.

22. And your temples and churches and meeting-houses should be turned into consultation chambers, to find remedies against poverty, crime and debauchery.

23. And the congregations should be enrolled, and, at the meetings, they should be inquired after, to see if they are in need. And they should have volunteers, who should go about seeking out the helpless and distressed, and providing for them.

24. So, that, instead of the congregations sitting to hear your sermons, they should come as co-workers for Jehovih's children.

25. This is the new religion, which I give unto you; and, moreover, let it be a prophecy to you of the words of your God. For there is no such congregation this day in all the world; and yet, ere this generation pass away, this should be proven before you.



1. God said: There should be a day of judgment unto you*, O man. Soon or late, you should take the matter into your** own hand; and you should look into your** own soul to judge thyself. This is unto all men; none can escape it.

2. Such, then, is the judgment day. Let no man complain against the judge; you should be thine own judge.

3. And every one judge against himself, and, soon or late, cry out: O Jehovih, I have sinned against you*; in my youth I tried to find excuses for my behavior, but now I am broken down utterly.

4. After judgment, reformation and resurrection within man begin as a new tree of life.

5. But, whether you should judge thyself in this life, or wait till you are dead and risen in spirit, the matter is in your** own hands.

6. Yet, better would it be for you*, if you wouldst sit in judgment on thyself every day of thy life.

7. But touching the matter, as to how you should judge thyself, hear you the wisdom of thy God, your*** elder brother, and profit you accordingly.

8. Because of the Ever Presence of Jehovih, you wert quickened into a conscious being. As your*** earth-body is of the earth, so is your*** spirit of Jehovih. Nevertheless, different from corporeality; for the latter come to an end; but the spirit is the man with everlasting life.

9. Thy spirit growe by cultivation, which is by the practice of wisdom, truth, virtue, benevolence and affiliation unto others.

10. Think not, that the soul growe by prayers or confessions unto this God, or that God; for, in whatsoever God you firmly believest, him mayest you worship, for he is thy choice. Nor should any man prevent you* in this your*** liberty. But, remember, the same rule hold unto all in this day, no God, Lord or Savior should exalt you* for words without works.

11. For, behold, I have cast out the Gods, Lords and Saviors on the earth and in the heavens who promised otherwise.

12. And, when the spirits of the dead come to you* in sar'gis, saying: Behold me! I am thy Savior! I am your*** Lord! I say unto you*: All such spirits are drujas.

13. Nevertheless, if you worship a God, or Lord, and he be as a figure unto you* to cast thine eyes into your** own soul, to purify thyself in the sight of your*** Creator, it should not be accounted as if you worshipped a man.

14. In such respect, it is no sin for you* to worship any good ideal, whom you should emulate in your*** behavior.

15. Yet this also should you prove: That, whosoever of the ancients were great, or whatever Gods were well known, that you settest your*** soul on to love, behold, familiar spirits will come to you* to deceive you*, professing to be such ancients or Gods.

16. And, because of this, when you are dead, and your*** soul risen from the dead, behold, some deceiving spirit will come to you* to use you*; neither should you discover for a long season that you hast been the dupe and slave of an unscrupulous master.

17. This day in the lower heavens there are millions of false Brahmas, millions of false Budhas, millions of false Kristes and millions of false Gabriel-Gods.

18. Whosoever bind himself to these names whilst on earth, become a fit subject for drujas to fall upon when he enter''' heaven.

19. Think not that great wisdom come suddenly by dying; in your*** early entrance into the es world, you should be easily deceived.

20. For which reason you should school thyself every day of your*** life, that thy Creator only is your*** God; and that Him you should never see as you seest a man or an angel; but that Him also you can see every day in the glory of His works.

21. With this faith in your*** soul, you should die and enter heaven fearlessly; and, when a pretended God or Savior come to you* asking tribute, you should know of a truth he is false.

22. Now, therefore, when you judgest thyself, to determine the balance of your*** good and evil deeds, and your*** good and evil thoughts, let your*** Creator stand as the light of your*** soul, and, through Him, judge you thyself, but not as to your*** worship, but as to your*** works.

23. Neither should you judge thyself by any God, or Lord, or Savior, or by any idol, or by any man or woman; for you standest thyself second to Jehovih in your*** attributes. It behoove you* to make a God of thyself, in your*** behavior and in your*** words and deeds.

24. Neither should you judge thyself by any sacred book, or any bible, in all the world; nor by the words within them purporting to be my words, or the words of any God, Lord or Savior.

25. For I have abolished all such sacred books and bibles and words and sayings contained in them, purporting to be my words and the words of any God, Lord or Savior.

26. Neither should you bind thyself by them, nor judge thyself by anything that is written or printed in them.

27. But, behold, I declare a greater glory and judge unto you* in place thereof, which is Jehovih, your*** Creator.

28. By Him and through Him should you judge, and be judged.

29. Books are maculate; but Jehovih, is the Immaculate.

30. Neither should you, henceforth, swear by any book under the sun; nor by any God, nor Lord, nor Savior, nor spirit, nor idol, nor image. But you should swear by Jehovih, thy Creator.

31. To Jehovih only should you covenant thyself, and this should you do in your** own way only, and not according to any book, or bible, or priest, or church, or spirit.

32. Behold, the olden times are past away; and your*** God set aside the bondages of the olden times also.

33. Sufficient were they for the times they were created. A man should not be bound as a child; neither should the judgment of man be bound by the things that were intended for man before he attained judgment.

34. Hast you not beholden the signs of the times? What I here give in words, Jehovih manifest''' over all the length and breadth of the world.

35. None can stay the hand of the Almighty or gainsay the words of your*** God.



1. God said: Hear the words of your*** God, O man. In the ancient times, I came as a father to a child, dictating unto man.

2. Now, that you hast attained to comprehensive judgment, Jehovih hath inspired you* to liberty, and to think for thyself, and to consider what is best for you*.

3. And your*** God come not now as a dictator, but as your*** elder brother, with ample experience.

4. And I say unto you*, after the manner of your*** professors in the college to their graduated classes: Behold, you are free; go your*** way, and no longer hope to hold your*** God accountable for your*** behavior.

5. For, with your*** freedom, you also attainest to responsibility.

6. Think not, because I emancipate you* from the God and Lords and Saviors of the ancients:

7. And from the bibles and sacred books of the ancients; and from the ancient commandments and injunctions, that, as a consequence, you are not bound in fidelity to thy Creator.

8. More are you bound now than before; for you should not, henceforth, throw the responsibility of your*** conduct on to this man, nor that man, nor this God, nor Lord, nor Savior, nor holy book, nor bible, nor priest, nor church decree.

9. So, that your*** fidelity to your*** Creator and to your*** fellow-man, in righteousness, love and good works, should be the most sacred study of your*** life.

10. And your*** example from day to day should be a perpetual register of your*** accountability; verily should you be a living sermon before men and before Jehovih.

11. And, wherein your*** behavior detract''' from the grades of your*** fellow-men, you should be bound in the behavior of those that copy after you*, and, for the shortness you bringest them into, you should suffer for them in time to come.

12. Beware, O man, for this rule applie unto all the generations of men: That, by sudden emancipation from an old condition, man run into another extreme, from which spring libertinism and licentiousness.

13. For which reason, rather should you proclaim before the multitude the responsibilities of the new condition, than try to win their applause by proclaiming their emancipation from the old.

14. Because I have opened the heavens, the spirits of the dead return to you*, and commune in your*** household; flatter not thyself that the whole of the Father's kingdoms are revealed to you*, and that the angels who converse with you*, can make plain the dominions of the higher heavens.

15. Many of these should return to you*, saying: There is no hell, no satan, no God, or Lord, nor anything in this world to make you* afraid. For, of a truth, the hell they looked for, they found not; nor found they a God, nor Lord, nor Savior, such as they had hoped to find. And, for this reason, such angels are jubilant for the time being.

16. Nevertheless, a time should come to them also, when they should tire of dwelling on the earth, in the places of their mortal kin; and they should seek resurrection into more exalted places, where wisdom and purity dwell. Then, indeed, should they begin to comprehend the ways of the kingdoms of the Almighty.

17. And they will cry out in pain; pleading for pity, compassion and help. And after that, when they come to you*, they will also proclaim, even as your*** God now doth: That the commandments must be fulfilled:

18. To love the Creator above all else;

19. And your*** neighbor as thyself;

20. Sell all you hast, and give to the poor;

21. Return good for evil;

22. Do good unto others, with all your*** wisdom and strength;

23. Abnegate self in all respects;

24. Making thyself a servant to your*** Creator;

25. Owning or possessing nothing under the sun;

26. And look into your*** soul, to judge thyself constantly, to discover where and how thou should do the most good;

27. Complaining not against Jehovih for anything that happen''';

28. Making your*** neighbor rejoice in you*;

29. Making thyself affiliative;

30. Without self-righteousness above any one;

31. Being a producer of something good;

32. And learn to rejoice in your** own life, with singing and dancing and with a jovial heart, paying due respect to rites and ceremonies, that all things may be orderly before Jehovih.

33. Remember the words of your*** God, O man, when angels or men advise you* against these commandments, they have little to offer you* that will promote the harmony of the state.

34. Consider, therefore, that whatsoever promote the greatest harmony and wisdom within the state, hath also been discovered and is in practice in the higher heavens.

35. And, wherein it hath been proven to you*, that a state divided against itself can not stand, even so are the heavens above not divided, but as a unit.

36. Judge, then, O man, when one spirit come to you* preaching one thing, and another spirit come to you* preaching another thing, their words are proof that they have not yet entered the harmonious heavens of your*** God.

37. And it is because of the inharmony of your** own soul, that you are open to these conflicting messengers. This is infidelity against the All Person, Jehovih. And such conflicting spirits deny the Person and the Unity of the Almighty.

38. Let not your*** emancipation from the bondage of the doctrines of the ancients lead you* into infidelity against Jehovih.

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