1. This rule I made in all My works, saith Jehovih: When I separate the people, the good go away out from amongst the evil.

2. Even as I drew the Israelites out of Egupt.

3. And, whoso go out, prosper in My hand; I make them an everlasting people.

4. But those that remain, go down to destruction; and they become unknown upon the earth.

5. Their great men are forgotten, and their wisest men lose caste in the histories of a thousand years.

6. Behold, these things I had made known unto the generations of the earth.

7. Now, when I separated the Faithists and the Uzians, in the kosmon era, I sent angels, warning them. I said unto them:

8. Flatter not yourselves that man is all wisdom; I say unto you, I am with the righteous; might should not triumph through wrong-doing. Behold, a judgment should come upon this people.

9. When I begin to call them, My chosen should come and found My kingdom; and they should come faster and faster every year.

10. And the Uzians should fall into iniquity, more and more every year.

11. And, now, behold what hath been!

12. The prince of devils came upon the Uzians, saying:

13. Think not that I come to send peace on earth; I come not to send peace, but a sword.

14. I come to set man at variance against his father, and a daughter against her mother.

15. Now, therefore, when My angels went in behalf of My kingdom, behold, the prince of devils did invade the places of the ungodly.

16. And, whoso received My angels, and practiced righteousness, were fallen upon by the emissaries of the prince of devils, and unmercifully treated with curses and tortures.

17. But I called the righteous hence, and they built unto Me My kingdom.

18. And I said unto the Uzians: Let this be a testimony unto you of the power of the Almighty;

19. You**** go about building ships of war, and harbors for defense, with torpedoes, and with all manner of wicked inventions;

20. But I say unto you, this nation, this government and this people should not be attacked in the places you**** build.

21. It is within.

22. For I will draw away the righteous, and none but rogues should accept your great offices.

23. And this matter should grow upon you in the way of evil, declining in virtue more and more every year.

24. Look, therefore, at your grade; judge you**** the words of the Almighty.

25. My hands fashioned the signs of the times.

26. As the hirer this day hire one man to watch another, even so should it come unto you in the great offices of your government.

27. By force and by might, you**** should hope to overcome the prince of devils, but you**** should fail.

28. And, in proportion as you**** go down in corruption, even so should the Faithists go away into My kingdoms.


1. The C'chiefs said: And Jehovih prospered the New Kingdoms, as they were called in mockery, for they were not kingdoms, but the opposite.

2. Jehovih had said: A republic cannot follow the highest Light; it follow the majority. And a majority is, and was, and ever should be, the lesser light.

3. Therefore, a republic is not the all highest government; and, since only the All Highest can triumph in the end, behold, and interpret you**** what should come to pass.

4. The C'chiefs said: But many understood not. Nevertheless, the Faithists had little in common with the Uzians.

5. The Faithists established a reciprocity between different colonies.

6. For, some were suited to agriculture and some to manufactures.

7. And they exchanged produce, so there was neither buying nor selling between them.

8. And it came to pass also, that, as some of the colonies were situated to the south, where it was warm, and some to the north, where it was cold, so the people went and sojourned in any place suited unto them, continuing their membership wherever they went.

9. Now, thus it did come to pass, in Jehovih's kingdom on earth, man was without a government, such as man's government.

10. And this was the next higher condition that came up after republics.

11. The angels of Jehovih, perceiving this was coming to pass, said unto the Faithists:

12. Bother not your heads much about passing new laws for the Uzians; neither take ye any part in the government, whether it doth this or that.

13. For many men should rise up, saying: If the government would make a law of peace; or, if the government would prohibit the traffic and the manufacture of this curse or that curse,--

14. But we say unto you, all these things should fail. Trust you**** not in the ungodly to do a godlike matter.

15. The societies should fail; the Peace Society should become a farce; the Prohibitory Society should be lost sight of.

16. Even the churches that profess peace and temperance will not embrace peace and temperance. They will fraternize with liquor-traffickers and with colonels and generals of war, for sake of policy.

17. The boast of the Uzians should be: This is a home for all peoples; but, nevertheless, even in the midst of their boastings they should make prohibitory laws to the contrary.

18. For they are fallen under the lower light; none can turn them about the other way.

19. Under the name of liberty, they should claim the right to practice ungodliness.

20. But you**** should come out from amongst them, and be as a separate people in the world.

21. Thus it came to pass; the people were admonished by God and his angels, and by Jehovih speaking in the souls of mortals.

22. And those that were of the Spirit believed; but those that were of the flesh disbelieved.

23. Wider and wider apart, these two people separated. And the believers, having faith in Jehovih, practiced righteousness, rising higher and higher in wisdom and purity. But the disbelievers went down in darkness; were scattered and lost from off the face of the earth.

24. Thus, Jehovih's kingdom swallowed up all things in victory; His dominion was over all, and all people dwelt in peace and liberty.


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