1. These are the words of Ouranothen: By the grace and power of the Creator, God of all peoples, faith be unto you and within you, for your own redemption.

2. First come signs and presentiments, then belief, and after that, faith, which is followed by works.

3. And this law is unto all the living, whether man, or bird, or beast, or creeping thing; there being signs and presentiments unto all the living, according to what concern''' them.

4. Behold the times of the heaven and earth are made of summers and winters unto all things: a time when the harvest of one revelation or one doctrine come to its ripening, and a time afterward when it is gathered in by the Father, and is known no more.

5. To one age God bestowe revelation on man, according to what is good for man, but when it hath fulfilled its work God gather''' it in, and bestowe another revelation.

6. Such are the works of Jehovih, nor can man nor angels stay His Hand.

7. To Greece, and to Egypt and to India, He gave many gods. According to the necessities of the times and light of man, that man might be raised up through belief and faith, so gave He them gods and doctrines suited to them.

8. And man became tenacious of his gods, verily making idols of them, and depending on the gods and angels to accomplish, by intercession and otherwise, man's ultimate exaltation in heaven.

9. So man ceased to work out his own salvation, depending on his gods to save him, even in his crimes and blasphemy.

10. And Jehovih caused disbelievers and signs and miracles to overrun these peoples, and He raised up new prophets unto them, rebuking them for their unrighteous behavior.

11. The adherents of the past revelations rose up in might and slew the prophets of God, declaring them breakers of the laws of man.

12. Nevertheless, it came to pass with all of these peoples, their many gods went away from them, and the new revelations took root in the persecution and death of God's prophets.

13. Such are the cycles upon the earth; they are as the harvests of the Almighty, which He give unto the different periods of His creations.

14. Here is wisdom O man, to heed the signs of Jehovih's seasons and the march of His dominion on the earth;

15. Not suffering thyself to become bound by things of the past whilst the signs of the Almighty rise up before you*.

16. Nor judge you the ways of God by the little that is done in a corner, nor by prejudices deep-rooted in your** own understanding, because of your*** birth and surroundings.

17. But survey you abroad over all the earth, considering what is good unto all people, as to whether the doctrines and revelations are powerful enough to abolish poverty and war and all manner of crimes amongst men.

18. This the guide your*** Creator gave unto you*, that you mightst learn to prophesy of the administration of your*** God, Jehovih, being the only master of life and death (because whosoever He hath quickened into life is His, and death is His decree in His own time and way).

19. And whosoever come between man and his Creator, visiting death unto his brother, wage war against his Creator.

20. Life and death are Mine, saith Jehovih.

21. Whoso then presume to engage in death no longer fulfill''' the righteousness of God.

22. In which sign you should judge all people who engage in war, and know of a truth whether their doctrines and their gods be appropriate to establishing the Father's kingdom on earth.

23. Not suffering thyself to be blinded by their pretensions and professions of peace, but by their practice, observing if they have more faith in weapons of war and standing armies than in Jehovih.

24. This is one of the signs also, in addition to the infidelity and necromancy, wherefrom you should surely prophesy that the doctrines and revelations have fulfilled their time unto mortals.


1. These are the words of Ouranothen: In the love of God, peace and goodwill be unto you all, Amen.

2. In times past, the Almighty hath bestowed His signs and monuments and histories, whereby you**** should understand the dominion of His word.

3. Because the ancients were bound down by the doctrines and revelations of their predecessors, Jehovih suffered evil-disposed men to fall upon their libraries and destroy them.

4. And man mourned on the earth, saying the light of heaven was consumed.

5. But Jehovih comprehended what was good for man, desiring him not to be bound down to the ancients; but rather that man should be quickened to the ever present light of God.

6. For man had become like a drowning man, clinging to that which was taking him down under the water. So, only by the destruction of the ancient records could man be persuaded to turn to that which is Ever Present, even Jehovih.

7. And the like condition hath ever come unto all the ancient gods and men; for men fear to let go from that which is carrying them further and further away from their Creator.

8. This do I also declare unto you: the sum of revelation in each and every cycle hath been to bring man nearer and nearer to the comprehension of the Ever Present; to make man know that Jehovih now is, even as He was with the ancients.

9. That man might ultimately have his understanding open, so as to receive his own revelations from his Creator, and from the angels of God.

10. Such being, in fact, the founding of His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

11. Since, then, direct inspiration should come from the Father unto all men, how hope ye not to be bound by the revelations of the prophets of old?

12. The same Creator now is, always was and ever should be.

13. To be as near Him, and as much in Him, and as much one with Him, as were the ancient prophets, should you**** not also be one with the Father, to prophesy and to accomplish good works?

14. For if God, the Father, be ever the same, and you**** fulfill His requirements as did the ancient prophets, the same result should happen unto you as to them.

15. To quicken man, therefore, to enter into the living present, instead of leaving him as a follower of the ancient light, is the work of your God.

16. Whereto you**** should join in wisdom and earnestness regardless of self-sacrifice.

17. Now, therefore, when the signs of decadence in the old systems manifest themselves, as for example, when those who are of good mind and sound judgment, having been believers in the ancient doctrines and revelations, but afterward turn away from them because the doctrines are impotent, you**** should know of a truth a new cycle is at hand.


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