1. Now am I strong in You*, O Jehovih. Thy bow in the firmament encompass''' me on all sides. The follies of earth have turned mine eyes up toward your*** holy place.

2. I have beholden Your** enemies bowed down. The king and the mighty man of valor with the two-edged sword are hid away in a dark corner. There is no light for them. Sweet-scented flowers hast You grown up in the way of him who will not look upward; but a serpent come upon him and he cry out against the vanities of the earth.

3. In the far-off corners of the world hast You sown the seed of evil and death, and the man of darkness hurry thither; but Thy glories he will not behold. He build his foundation in perishable things. But the hope of the righteous man light''' up the inner chamber. He behold Thy judgment seat. He seek''' You* in all good things and durable; he glorify You* in Thy works.

4. I will turn away from my house and my lands and look upward all my days. Yea, the fruits of the earth should be my servants; my crown should be woven by Thy hands.

5. My heart point''' up toward Thy kingdom; but the heart of the man of darkness is downward to things that perish? You hast set Eon (Aries or Te) in the midst, and he should judge the living and the dead.

6. You hast made me above the diamond and above all precious stones; but the man of darknessgo after these. Thy children he care not for; he see not. Verily, will I run quickly to them and lift them up. They should be gems for my raiment; they should become a glory in Thy sight. Yea, I will turn their eyes up toward Thy holy place.

7. Before them will I set up Gau, and the magnitude and glory of Thy worlds should entrance them.

8. Thy unseen hand should become seen, and my brothers and sisters should read the diadems in Thy firmament. Your** hand hath quickened my eyes to see and mine ears to hear You*, O You Life of my life!

9. My understanding come out of Thy tablet (book). Its pages are graven with the sun, moon and stars. Yea, all things proclaim the words You hast written. None can counterfeit Thy handiwork. From Thy tablet will I read from the rising of the sun till the going down thereof.

10. My hands should be skilled with tools to do Thy labor. Fabrics will I weave, and my house should be built within the square of Thy compass, for it should be righteous work. My eye should look toward Thy dwelling-place. I know Thy sight is upon me. I will be joyful before You*, my Father!

11. To none other will I bow myself in supplication and worship. Before You* will I labor for peace on all occasions.

12. My hand will I uplift in Thy behalf, and yet no man should feel the weight of mine arm upon him. By Thy crescent am I sworn unto You*. By the seven stars and by the sun which is in the midst of the firmament and is the glory thereof, and by the moon, have I spoken.

13. Before Rea (Es, the air and ether), in Thy name have I sworn. I have lifted up my voice. I will have no diadem but that that is woven by You*!

14. I will sing You* new songs every day, and find new words of praise for Thy glories. My trials should be as whet-stones and a hewing-ax. My talents should increase in wisdom and in whatsoever way You leadest me for my own good.

15. Before Thy sacred altar will I come, knowing Thy angels will come also. Yea, they should teach me your*** decrees.

16. Thy gifts should be my gifts, my portion, whatsoever seem''' just in Thy sight.

17. Thy messengers should come to me, and my house should be their house, they should behold my labor; they should admonish me wisely.

18. They should teach me wisdom in all You desirest of me. The secret of my love to You* will I tell them, and I know they will lift me up for Thy glory. In Thy praise will I sing forever, O Jehovih! Amen!

Plate 77. Tablet of Ancient Egypt.18

18 Those who sat around the table for spirit communion kept their eyes riveted on the graven characters. He who sat at the end where the crown is, was the oldest and was called rab'bah (father). It will be observed that the invocation is more than an interpretation of the characters, although they are all designated in the words. The rab'bah led off, but all the circle joined in the reading of it. The gau (the plumb-line) was moved by the spirits in answer to the questions of the rab'bah. In some countries the gypsies, who are supposed to be descendants to ancient Egypt, still invoke spirits in this way.

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