1. Jehovih spake in the gardens of Atahavia, precinct of Sue, Orian Chief, in the etherean firmament, saying: Sue, My son, what of the red star, the far-off earth? Behold, her harvests are blighted; she is become barren in imparting immortal souls to My unending realms.

2. Sue heard the voice, and he said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, will I summon my Gods of Hoit and Izaracha.

3. Swift messengers departed; and Sue, quick-perceiving God of two worlds in the etherean Seamar, foresaw the importance of the coming red star. He said: This, with my Gods of Hoit and Izaracha, who will come in swift speed, should be the second deliverance.

4. Then came Le Wing, God of Hoit; and presently, Sivian, Goddess of Izaracha, and they stood before Jehovih's throne. Sue said:

5. Jehovih hath spoken. Behold, the red star bring''' forth nor sons nor daughters more to Jehovih's realms. She is weak, unstrung, and out of tune, and come this way. And I said:

6. In Thy power and wisdom, O Jehovih, will I visit the red star! Six years I will stand on her soil, and course her heaven; and such potency give to her confused Gods and Lords as will make a thousand millions sing for joy. To accompany me, I have called you. Behold, I have charts and maps of her heaven and her corporeal parts; and a history of her, as yet, young adventures in the field of worlds.

7. Then spake Le Wing and Sivian, saying: To do Jehovih's will and your**, behold, we are come to you*. Give us to fulfill whatsoever you wilt.

8. To the swift messengers Sue said: You**** have heard; go proclaim throughout my etherean worlds my will; and summon up from Ithyivius a hundred million skilled volunteers. When the red star should cross the wing of Izaracha, we will go forth in power, and land on her troubled parts in a sea of golden light.


1. In the Ariniisca of Portan of the etherean worlds and division of Hoit and Izaracha, flew the call of the Gods for volunteers, nor which a more welcome sound is not heard in high heaven to do Jehovih's will. And with the voice and call there rose up hosts from every quarter, and from every sub-division, till the complement stood ready for the great work. And yet so vast were the fields and arcs of Izaracha that the hundred millions chosen were as but a fraction compared to those left uncalled.

2. Coming near the throne of Sue in Aoit, the hundred millions formed in squares and stars, and the chosen God took his place to the head and front, looking to the low horizon, where rose the red star, the sick earth.

3. And now the builders who had measured the elements lying in the route toward the earth, formed their crescent ship of fire, and equipped it; and, with mantles and curtains and banners, created it a vessel of beauty and ornament as well as service.

4. Hardly was the ship completed when Jehovih's light encompassed it about on all sides, so that that which was beautiful before was now illuminated and sparkling and bright as a sun, and rich in golden colors; for of such kind was the ethe of the heavens hereabout created.

5. When Sue entered the ship, the voice of Jehovih came, saying: Another cycle came and is gone on the earth and her heaven, but still they fall to barrenness ere the succeeding dawn. Go now, O Sue, My Son, and a wider range give to the tetracts of both angels and mortals. Give a greater scope to tyrants, kings and queens on earth, and greater to the self- Gods and self-Lords in hada, and more responsibility.

6. Then all hands entered the etherean ship, singing and rejoicing, observed by countless millions come to wish them a haven of joy on their six years' visit to the corporeal earth.

7. Sue said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, and by virtue of Thy power in me vested, my hosts should forth at my command. Cut loose, you**** Gods, and you, O ship, of heaven born, to the red star, the earth, be gone! And Sue stretched forth his hands and waved them, and lo, the mighty ship of heaven turned on its axis, cutting loose from the high firmament. And it turned, with its great curtains and banners sailing gracefully and swiftly through the blue ether.

8. The music of her es'enaurs swelled and rolled along on the spheres of many worlds unseen to mortals, where dwell countless millions of spectators viewing the marvelous speed and power and brilliant colors of the great ship. Faster and Faster she sped on, till nearing Chinvat, which now cut sharp in the fields and forests of Izaracha, over which was potent the name of Sue, the companion God and chiefest friend of Aph, Orian Chief, Son of Jehovih.

9. When the ship came to the bridge and halted, to take in the plan of the whirling earth, Sue said: A light! A light! You**** Gods! And at once, as high as the moon and bright as the son, the illumined ship stood, to overawe the self-Gods and warrior kings and murderers of the earth-born, whose plentiful souls in chaos polluted heaven.

10. For three days and nights Sue held his star-ship to the wonderful task of mastering by the marvelous scene. And then slowly he entered the vortex of the earth, but held his course, nor with the earth and her heaven; for he desired that both corporeans and atmosphereans should witness the coming power. So slowly he came, but fifty thousand miles a day, that when the ship neared the disorganized Hored, the self-Gods and self- Lords fled and left their well-supplied kingdoms desolate, and down to the earth rushed in thousands, and with their hosts in millions, to hide or safely stow themselves from Agni's just hate.

11. But the true God and Lords stood firm in their depleted kingdoms, fearing nothing, but in faith that this etherean ship was Jehovih's answer to their long cry for help from the heavenly spheres. And by their pillars of fire still standing, great Sue knew where to land in the lower heaven for safe anchorage. So to Hored he came, slowly, and toward the throne of God. And when he neared the place, his es'enaurs chanted and the trumpeters played; the sound of which music came to the ears of God and his hosts, and they were the hymns of more than a thousand years ago.

12. And God and his hosts sent up rockets and displayed the three primary colors, the sign of Jehovih's name; and God's es'enaurs joined in chanting with the hosts above. Presently the ship of fire was at the place of landing, and Sue, Jehovih's Son, cast out a ladder and descended, with his hosts, the hundred million angels, led by Gussitivi, marshaless of the throne of Sue, in Izaracha.

13. Sue said: Hail, O God of heaven and earth! In Jehovih's name, I am come in power and wisdom. And God answered: Glory be to You*, O Jehovih, that Thy Son hath come so far to bless Thy bewildered kingdom! Then they saluted with the signs of the sixth resurrection, whereupon God said:

14. In the name of the Great Spirit, come you and honor my throne. So Sue went forward, and they greeted by shaking hands; and Sue ascended and sat on the throne, saying: Keep your*** place, O God, for I am not come to displace thee or your*** hosts of Jehovih, but to build up for His glory. Be seated, therefore, for I feel the light of the Father descending on my head.

15. Presently the All Light enveloped Sue, and the Father's voice spake through him, saying: Hear the words of your*** Creator, My son, and rejoice because I have not forgotten thee and your*** people. Behold, this is the hour of your*** redemption from the trials of tetracts, which are run abroad in My dominions.

16. Was it not worse than this in the olden time? and I came with my hosts and delivered them. I created man in darkness and gave to him no judgment, that the creation of his own thoughts might be for his own glory, forever. But instead of beautifying his thoughts, he hearken''' to tetracts and clothe himself in clouds. The heaven I build for him he dig to pieces, and then build his own, but only to be displeased and turbulent. Neither will he content himself with providing with his own hands, but searchest out My most dutiful sons and daughters, making slaves of them for his own exaltation.

17. Behold, I have afore time sent My sons and daughters to search out these traitors and self-Gods, declaring unto them that only by forsaking evil and practicing righteousness could they attain to My exalted kingdoms. Their evil places have I cast down, and rebuilt in honor and glory, that their own judgment might determine that virtue and good works are the sure foundation for happiness that will endure forever. But when I have raised them up in one cycle and made the lower heaven a paradise, alas, My ethereans have but gone away for a little while when the tetracts take root, and grow, and turn all things upside down.

18. But now will I build them up in a new way. Yea, I will appropriate the evil of their inventions to their own good in a way they dream not of. The false Gods and false Lords should be arrested and brought before this judgment seat, and I will judge them by their own behavior and desires; neither will I torment them nor abridge their happiness. Send, therefore, My Son, your*** marshals into the hidden places of these Gods and Lords, and say to them: Thus saith the hosts of heaven: Come, My Son, and inherit a kingdom in hada, in thine own way, for lo, there is room for all; but that you art not left behind, come quickly to Hored.

19. And they will come, hoping to embellish themselves in the old manner. But My Light should come in due time in Mine Own way.

20. The voice ceased, but Sue spake of his own account, saying: What Jehovih hath ordered, do ye. So marshals and priests were sent in all directions in atmospherea to gather in the false Gods and false Lords who had deserted their dominions in fear of the light of Sue's etherean ship. And after many days the false ones were brought to Hored; and there were of them seven thousand Lords and Gods.

21. Now when they were before Sue, Jehovih's Son, and arranged so that all could hear and see, even the whole Council beside, the Light gathered around about the throne, and Sue addressed them, saying:

22. Hear me, O men and women! I have sent for you, and you**** are here. In this I am pleased. Know, then, that what I speak should be in love and tenderness. You**** have deserted Jehovih's kingdoms, and it must be because it pleased you better than to remain. Is this not true? And you**** also deserted your own false kingdoms?

23. For a little while they consulted together, and then answered, saying: Nay, it pleased us not to desert our own kingdoms; but we were afraid.

24. Sue said: Who think you**** I am? They answered: A God from some far-off world, but where it lie we know not. We desire to know who you are?

25. Sue said: I am but a man; fear me not. But since you**** feared, and so deserted your kingdoms, does it not prove that you**** are not the All Highest? And do you**** not perceive that, because you**** had no All Highest, you**** were divided and inharmonious?

26. Hear, then, that which I say, and consider my words: I want not your kingdoms nor anything you**** have; but, that harmony may reign in heaven, I will give every one of you more than you**** had, and add power unto you also.

27. Since you**** behold I am come to Hored, the throne of the ancients, perceive you**** not that whosoever accord with me is of my power also? Take, then, your kingdoms and be Gods and Goddesses, as you**** assumed before, and I will anoint ye, and make you**** as part and parcel of one united whole. Again they counseled together, and then answered:

28. Why should we take our kingdoms? Our slaves have deserted us; our kingdoms are pillaged of all their value. Yea, our slaves have become wandering spirits, and are returned to the earth and are making their habitations with mortals. So that the people of earth are aroused because of miracles and wonders occurring on earth.

29. Sue said: What can you**** say to these wandering spirits that will induce them to come up away from mortals? To which they answered: If we promise them provender and clothes and plenty of rest, they will come; but when we put them to labor, they will run away, having tasted of liberty.

30. Sue said: How, then, made you**** slaves of them in the first place? To which they answered: We took them in the day their mortal bodies died, and they never saw nor knew any other place in heaven; so we appropriated them to our service dutifully.

31. Sue said: Know, then, this is my conclusion: First that you**** should all be made as sub- Gods to one confederacy, and your kingdoms should be fair to look upon, and well supplied with all things needful.

32. Behold, there are on earth, with the barbarians, hosts of familiars and fetals; whoever, then, of you will go down to the earth and bring them away to Hored should have them for his slaves; and, whoever bring''' the greatest number, will I award the greatest kingdom. And if it be that you**** can find emissaries to work for you in bringing fetals and familiars away from the barbarians, then should such labor be accounted to your credit. And you**** should station around about in the corporeal cities certain angels, whose labor should be to receive newborn spirits on birth-blankets and bring them to your kingdoms also, for they should be your slaves.

33. After that manner spake Sue; and the false Gods and Goddesses were highly pleased, and they divided themselves into certain districts over mortals and for the lower heaven, and were at once sent off to labor in their own way, and they were named sub-Gods.

34. Sue said: These sub-Gods have much weight with the barbarians, because they advise them in war. But, behold, it should come to pass when the sub-Gods have robbed the barbarians of their familiar spirits, the I'hin priests will have a greater weight with them.

35. And the sub-Gods will desire to find favor in my sight, and so, teach their slaves, the which will cause them to emancipate themselves in time to come.


1. Jehovih spake through Sue, saying: Mine is a strong government, and everlasting. Hearken to the wisdom of your Creator, O My sons and daughters. Wherein have I not given liberty to all people? He that do aright, wherein is he not free? He that do awrong, wherein hath he liberty? Whoever endeavor''' to surpass himself, have I not shown him his limit?

2. I created man at zero, but for him to add unto himself forever. Liberty I gave him to add only that which perfect''' his own soul. Wherefore, if he eat poison, it take from him his body which I gave. Herein made I a boundary, both on earth and in heaven, which is to say, inasmuch as man accumulate virtue, wisdom, patience, love, truth and pure words, he is free; because, in so doing, he follow Me in My works. But he that seek''' to glorify himself in his possessions bind himself; because he is unlike Me, for I gave All, and thus made the universe.

3. Two states, therefore, have I created open to all men, both on earth and in atmospherea, which are, liberty and bondage. And man I made to choose that which he will; but that he might not err, behold, I send My emancipated angels to explain these things beforehand.

4. Even so are governments ordained by My holy ones, wherein ye may judge whether a government be of Me or against Me. For if it give liberty to all righteous works, and for the promotion of knowledge, providing teachers to the extent of the demand, it is of Me. But if the government make of itself a self, for which its aggrandizement is at the expense of My children's liberty, then is it against Me.

5. For I have not created a people to be to-day as were their forefathers, but provided them with perpetual growth in wisdom and virtue; wherefore the rising generations should rebel against that which was well and good for their forefathers. All My governments understand this, whether on earth or in heaven. Whatever government accept''' not this rule, should go down to destruction. For, as I have hedged man about with sentinels, such as pestilence, poverty and hunger, in order to awaken him to knowledge and industry, so have I hedged in all governments under the sun with sentinels, such as rebellion and assassinations, and war, and bankruptcy. As pestilence prove man's disobedience to My commandments, so do rebellion and anarchy prove the disobedience of governments to the progressive spirit with which I created man.

6. The self-God saith: I will make a strong government; by armies and cruel masters will I bind the subjects of my dominions. And he draw''' up a multitude of laws, and heap''' up books to explain the laws, and find judges to explain the books that explain the laws, and he saith: Behold how wise I am! Behold the great wisdom of my judges! Behold the great learning of my books! Behold my most perfect laws! Behold my armies that stand behind all, and in great power!

7. But lo, a star appear''' in heaven, and all his fabric go as a spider's web. For instead of choosing his Creator, Who is strong, he erected things that were as nothing.

8. Hear your*** Creator, O My God, for through My Son I bequeath a new light to the lower heaven: For, as you hast portioned to the self-Gods to take kingdoms, suffer them to hedge themselves about with a multitude of laws; but you thyself should have no laws save the rites and ceremonies, which you should adorn with music and processions.

9. And it should come to pass that the dominions of the self-Gods will prosper for a season; and they will, for sake of self-glory, deplete the earth people of familiar spirits and fetals. But, in time after, their subjects will tire of the laws of the self-Gods, and hearing that you hast no laws, save rites and ceremonies, they will come to Hored of their own accord.

10. Henceforth, then, should you convert the nurseries and hospitals, and factories and places of education, into places of delight and recreation.

11. The voice ceased, but Sue said: Behold, a time come, in all the atmospherean heavens, when the discipline of former days must give way to something new; and such a time is now in this kingdom. It may be likened to a young child that hath been led by the hand for a long time, but now hath become strong of limb so as to walk alone.

12. For this purpose hath the earth been brought through the fields of Izaracha, and my hosts are come with music and wisdom. Hear, then, my decree, O God of earth, and thou should be the most blessed of Gods: Send your*** messengers into all parts of atmospherea, proclaiming a recreation of ten days, of music and dancing and marching, with pageantry and feasting, to be in Hored in the first of the moon of Jaffeth.

13. The rest leave to the Father, for He will provide us in the time thereof. And whilst the time is coming, I will go around the earth with my hosts in my etherean ship.

14. God said: I perceive Thy wisdom, O Jehovih; in Thy decrees am I raised up with new wisdom and power. O that I could have devised a way for them before they fell so low!

15. Sue called the Council and his own hosts from labor to recreation for one day, and the people mingled together rejoicing; for of the ethereans with the hosts of Sue were many who had been earth-born, many thousands of years before, and their assurance of the emancipated heavens above had greater weight with the atmosphereans than anything that others could say. Then Sue and his hosts visited the earth and her heavens; and after that returned again to Hored.

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